How to avoid something you just KNOW you will get??

I spent the day looking after my adorable 2 year old grandson - he has an horrendous cold so I just know I am going to get this!! Any advice on what I can do to avoid it being really bad? Having Hashimotos and RA shows that I have a rubbish immune system and I took all the precautions I could, washing hands constantly and trying to avoid (but how can you) those snotty kisses and nose wiping duties - I just wondered if there was anything I could do now to avoid this being really yeuk - I am due to work a 10 hour day Sunday and soooooooo don't need a cold????

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  • Try some of this: the original is the most effective in the range because it seems to have the highest concentration of elderberries, and they post it out quickly. It stops colds for me very quickly as long as they haven't gone on too long and is a good preventive in winter. I even take it on holiday because I used to get so many colds. Boots and H&B sell the Immuno Forte version but I don't think it's as good.

    Also from here:

    Abstract on The effect of Sambucol, a black elderberry-based, natural product, on the production of human cytokines: I. Inflammatory cytokines.

  • Sambucol is loaded with sugar. I asked the company why they don't provide a sugar-free option: "because we've always made it with sugar".

  • There is a sugar free version - I'm diabetic and I use it all the time. It's in a black and green box - it's called "Sambucol Immuno Forte Sugar Free".

  • Well isn't that weird - the Customer Serivcs person and I had a long to and fro by email, about the product but she never mentioned a sugar free product. Is it newish? My conversation with the company was last year.

  • I've been using it for about a year. I can't use the normal Sambucol as it makes my blood sugar rocket.

    I've bought it in Boots - though sometimes they run out. Most recently bought it at amazon - it was cheaper there.

    It is the Immunoforte one that also has extra stuff in it (zinc and Vit C) but these are both good when you have a cold. Maybe she thought you wanted a sugar free version of just plain Sambucol (without the extra stuff) - I haven't seen that.

  • They do. I used to buy it from Higher Nature before I started making my own, but is sorbitol any better?

  • Yes I know it has a lot of sugar, but the current 'original' version was the first one available here from a pharmaceutical company in Israel some years ago, before it was bought out by a French company then an English one. I got used to it and it has always worked for me whereas the other versions haven't and I think that with each company acquisition the original formula has remained intact but the new ones, with zinc and sugar free, and a child's version, have a slightly lower concentration of elderberries which is the ingredient that actually attacks the virus. I like the idea of making it myself actually and think my mother made it once when I was a child.

  • Thank you for that, my daughter gave me some Winter Wellness herbal elixir which she said works wonders. I was happy to go along until I saw her give my grandson some this morning. I asked if he always had some and she said yes - HE HAS THE COLD - so maybe I will try your stuff too.

  • Sambucol is great and medically tested. I make my own - aka elderberry rob. That and olive leaf should help. There are still some elderberries around if you hurry. If you make your own you can decide how much sugar (or xylitol or molasses or whatever) to use. Messy, but easy to do.

  • Drink 2 L of water,it works for me

  • Now this I can do easily - not sure why it would make a difference though, but cheap and easy so a good one for me.

  • Loobs, 2mg-3mg vitC daily and drink plenty of fluids. If you get a tickly or sore throat a thick slice of lemon in hot water with honey is soothing and may sweat the cold out.

  • Wonderful, I juice every day (beetroot,lemon,carrots etc.) so imagine I am getting the Vit C - if I do get a tickly or sore throat I will use lemon and honey (and maybe a dash of whisky if night time)

  • I remember years ago my doctor saying she got her cold from a little child who was not much taller than the top of her desk. She said he stood across from her and did a gigantic sneeze so when she caught his cold she knew exactly where it came from.

    My husband and on absolutely swear by Lemsips lemon or blackcurrant. I don't take them because I have high blood pressure.

    Clutter's solutions are pretty much what I do and I like to smother my chest with Vick's then go under the duvet, in fact after many years of scoffing at me, both my sons do that now.

    I also worked with someone who used to dose up on echinacea whenever she felt she was getting a cold.

  • Hi fruitandnut if you take sulphur coarse crystal flakes no additives or anti-caking agents this will unblock your arteries and return your blood pressure back to normal

    start with an eighth of a teaspoon when you first get up and around 3pm then increase every week up to around 1 gram for each dose. in the meanwhile go and get some capsicum (red chilli peppers) and make into a paste if you do have a heart attack rub this on your heart this will save around 85% of people if you have a stroke then you need to take some DMSO and get yourself into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber

    also buy some organic sea salt about one teaspoon a day and start drinking distilled water with some 35% hydrogen peroxide mixed into it 7 drops in one gallon of distilled water is exactly how our water should be and you will be healthy in no time

    no substitutes on any of this info else it will not work you must source the correct things.

    and in relation to the Echinacea find the herb not the tablet, tablets pretty much do not work due to the additives or shell of the tablet your liver destroys 95% of anything you put into your body.

  • Haven't heard of sulphur flakes. Will look out for them. I'm sure my arteries must be clogged by now. Liz x

  • Look for MSM flakes, that's sulphur

  • MSM is pretty much useless unless it is made with no additives or anti-caking agents and that is rare MSM works to a point but nowhere near as effective as the organic sulphur.

  • MSM IS organic sulphur - or the stuff I get is. aka dimethylsulfoxide2 and various other things.

  • what brand do you get does it have additives in (normally there are 16) and anti-caking agents if they do it will only work in your GI tract have you tried the organic sulphur to see if you feel different.

    There are very few companies that produce genuine MSM the majority of it is made in china. as there are very few companies that produce organic sulphur.

  • Bergstrom OptiMSM. Definitely no anti-caking agents, - you have to beat the lumps out with a spoon. No additives specified on tub.

  • OK cool I will recommend it.

    Ideally people need to get together away from these companies that are normally out to make a profit and follow through with studies that are recorded on sites like these for the benefit of everyone to do there own testing on all these products to find out for sure.

  • I've always got a stock of seven seas immune defence (zinc and vit c in chewy capsules)... I dose up heavily on those and hope for the best!

    Clutters suggestion of lemon is a good old favourite too, hot water, lemon slices a squeeze of lemon juice an a spoon of honey... Soothes the throat and gives plenty of vit c.

    Hope you don't catch it!

  • Day 2 and he is feeling a lot better and I am feeling fine so fingers crossed............

  • You might escape, you never know. If you've had lots of colds in your lifetime, you might have had a variation of the strain he has.

    Lots of good advice here, though. :)

  • Strange isn't it, how sometimes you completely avoid catching something that everyone else in the family goes down with. Sadly it doesn't happen often for me (but nearly always for my husband - so much so that I feel a sense of triumph if he gets a cold or tummy bug - doesn't that make me sound horrid!!!)

  • research hydrotherapy

    elderberry juice or tea

    red chilli peppers

  • Not too sure about the chilli peppers but will try the elderberry, no problem - thanks

  • Oh yes. I have a lethal chilli cold cure. You will be unpopular but cured:

    1 white onion, peeled and cut into quarters

    1 entire head of garlic, peeled

    4 red hot chilli peppers, stems removed, chopped

    10cm horseradish root, peeled and chopped

    10cm ginger root, peeled and chopped

    Approximately 1 quart unpasteurized apple cider vinegar

    Put all solid ingredients in a blender, cover with

    cider vinegar. Blend. Bottle in a glass container and store in a

    cupboard at room temperature. Take two tablespoons morning and night at the first sign of a cold or flu.

    Warning: This is a very potent and a VERY HOT tonic.

    Makes about a litre or slightly more after

    all ingredients are blended. Keeps in the cupboard for about 1 year.

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