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Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism - Confused by test results

Hello - I hope that someone here can help. I have extreme symptoms of hyperthyroidism. I am 32 year old female - over the past few years I have experienced weight loss with an unchanging diet (I actually eat more food than I used to), I have a full / thick head of hair but a lot falls out in the shower, I have one eye that closes and expresses far more than the other, I find myself having a hard time concentrating, and I sometimes get almost unbearable anxiety with absolutely nothing bothering me. On top of that - I have always had my condo at the same temperature but over the past few years I find myself getting overly hot at night to where I cannot sleep and making the A/C lower and lower.

I went to the doctor and he suggested a thyroid problem and got tests that are all I believe are for hyperthyroidism and the doctor breezed by them and told me they were fine and nothing's wrong, but didn't really explain. Which I thought was great news....but that leaves me with the pending question - why do I have all these symptoms / could something have been missed?







If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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Those symptoms could be due to too much cortisol, in other words it's your adrenals that are hyper not your thyroid. Ask your doctor to test your cortisol levels.


Thank you! That is a great idea and would make a lot of sense!


Looks like someone thinks you might have myasthenia gravis.

Suggest you read upon those specific tests. For example:



Thank you Rod - I have considered that may be a problem as well. Your link was incredibly helpful!



Meant to say, your TSH at 1.06 looks to be fine - but TSH alone is not sufficient. It does not always reflect actual thyroid hormone levels so really you need Free T4 and Free T3 tested as well.


Hi le9

For the past 16 months iv been having symptoms of HYPER-thiyroid,like u i got my bloods done and they came back as normal,unfortunately because of my age-52 my doc turned to the menuapause for my symptoms but bk in 2013 I was diagnosed with overactive thyiroid''and also in 2004 I was diagnosed with overactive parathiroid glands''no treatment for their condition were given and I had to wait for my levels to return to normal.which they did,my health never really returned to normal given I was in to keep fit ,gym ball aerobics,and did this four times a week.I also looket after my family n home,n cared for my father who was dying of lung cancer,,I found it almost impossible to go bk to that level of activity..I had server bone n muscle pain,serious fatique,sleep problems,sweating uncontrollably, shakes in feet hands legs..this continued for the next year with frequent trips to the doc complaining of no energy,server pain sleep depravation server sweating,eventually I changed my docs,,and after tests was diagnosis with m-e,,CFS and fibromialgia,like u I can't understand why my bloods

Are coming bk normal from a overactive thyroid test ,,I do feel its adrenaline''because my symptoms are---when I start to sweat,my breathing is fast like if just ran round the block twice''n it takes some time for me to come down from the episode,then I'm exsausted n want to doc as now put me bk on h r t,,been on it before n never felt any different on it,,seems like my doc as made is mind up,,when I confronted him on my tests he just kept saying my THS levels as gone up'''what does that mean!!!! I'm lost n confused as to what to do now as this as affected my life really badlly,,so I am sympathetic to your problem to,,theirs not much support in my area for thyroid problems''only hospital n docs so what do you do to get a second oppinion''coz my doc as refused me an appointment with the endo coz my bloods were normal

Good luck with or fight

FM karen



I can sympthise with u I have just been through the same thing,,and after my endo n doc just pushed me aside for two years with plenty of Guinea pig drugs,,,none worked,,iv ad it, my life is none exsistant,, can't go out with friends anymore,,I sweat so much I scratch myself to the point of bleeding,,get so hot I permantly have a fan on my face,,when I take these attacks,, and I call them attacks cause they are,,the sweat is so bad my clothes need changed''i have servere pins n needles in my arms ,lips head my nose runs my eyes water,,and it lasts for up to 15/20 mins sometimes longer,,like u I feel like my endo n doc has missed something,,I spend days looking up my symptoms''i did a day/nite dairy and noticed my sweats were worse when I was moving about''using adrenali,, I don't mean excersise,,just Putin the kettle on or getting changed,,even geting a shower n drying myself''i needed another shower then,,,LIGHT BULB!!!! Cud this b my adrenal glands going overactive,,,euricka,,,mentioned it to my doc,,and to my surprise he his going to arrange for me to have a 24 hr urine collection test,,its only taken 2 years,,about average for the n.h.s :-)


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