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Hi all. I've had a thyroid test done twice now over 12 months apart, they have both come back as borderline. I am taking sertraline at the highest dose but am feeling worse not better!

I have looked on the list if symptoms available on here somewhere and more than 70% of them apply to me :-(

I have an appointment next week but wanted to go in better informed to speak with doc. Can anyone give some advice as I'm so miserable it's damaging my marriage and relationship with children.

Thank you x

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Can you post your results?

Sympathies, it's a living nightmare. If it helps, I'm finding sertraline very helpful IF my thyroid levels and vit d levels are good.

I'd recommend getting vit d and some other things tested too (someone will be along to post what they are - I've forgotten!)


Have you had antibody tests?


...just adding to the above these are the most helpful tests that may indicate problems....Thyroid Tests - TSH - FT4 - FT3 - and the Anti-bodies are Anti-TPO Anti-Tg. Other tests are - B12 - Iron - Ferritin - Folate - VitD. All need to be high in their ranges - Ferritin around 80. Docs seem happy if you are just in range - but that is not the case. B12 deficiency can in some cases mimic low thyroid. Both B12 and VitD are needed at good/high levels to help with low mood and loads of other things....

Do not accept border-line or Normal - obtain copies of your test results with ranges and post them here in a new post and many people will comment. If you have Thyroid Anti-bodies it could mean you have Hashimotos - and in many cases of Hashi's the Thyroid Function Tests can be in range - not normal - but in range. It happened to me - but as the scan also revealed nodes along with high anti-bodies I was treated. ( I live in Crete )

It is a great deal to take in and to deal with. Just take a step at a time and keep posting and asking questions - information is power :-) You are on your journey to recovery as you have found this site....


I suspect that the only test done was TSH this is a totally unreliable test and should never be done in isolation

what should be done is

Thyroid Antibodies

TSH ...............anything above 2 is suspect and if you have Central /2ndary Hypothyroid is often very low hence why it must never be relied on

Free T4 ............this is likely to be v low in its range

Free T3............ this too

Ferritin ............this is likely to be rock bottom

Folate ,,,,,,,,,,,,,this can also be v low

Vit b12............this too

Cholesterol...........likely to be high

Sertraline like other anti depressants are doled out like sweets to shut patients up instead of using correct clinical diagnosis

Be warned getting off sertraline is hard will need lots of support and TLC


Hi Mummoffour, I am sorry about your problems.

Last year I had the same problem. My GP thought I was depressed and put me on sertraline. I was only a little better and decided to test my thyroid. The results showed that my T3 and Ft3 were very low (below lab ranges). Later I found that T3 is essential in increasing serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain (a neurotransmitter) that is responsible, in part, for regulating brain functions such as mood, appetite, sleep, and memory.

Problems with serotonin have been linked to mood disorders such as depression and to borderline personality disorder(BPD),

Once I was put on T4 and later on on combo T4/T3 I was much better.

What did you results show?? Did they test you for T3?


Hi just thought I would say that when I was put on more than 1 tablet of sertraline a day I had a feeling of anxiety and exhaustion so I dropped back to one a day, but you must talk to your doctor about this. wishing you well.

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I have had borderline results for years & been phobbed off... In January this year i was put on sertraline 50 then 100 then 150 per day . Life became unbearable & i asked to be taken off & i had to argue this with my GP , now i take prozac 40mg per day, i feel better than on the sertraline but these are just insufficient bandages to manage you... at least that is how i feel ! In April i was also put on Levothyroxine the lowest dose but that had about a 20% effect & I'm still searching for help. Keep posting on here , little sound bites are so helpful , especially if your are tired & symptomatic. I really feel for you & can totally relate to your relationship statuses because no one understands like a fellow sufferer. I cut out wheat at the beginning of Aug , after 3 weeks i felt so much better & my fibromyalgia type symptoms cleared along with my brain fog. This has freed me up to discover sites like these & help myself a bit. Good luck & don't give up :-)


Mumoffour, in addition the good advice you've had take a look at this link and symptom checker

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If your Doc won't do a proper panel of blood tests you can get them done yourself, privately. Blue Horizon is one company that does this. I know one shouldn't have to resort to this expense, but if you need a broad panel of tests (the ones already mentioned are the ones you need) and you need them done soon, you may find this the least stressful way to go.


You can take all the drugs you like none of which will help unless you eliminate fluoride, the law of halogen displacement means fluoride as well as chlorine and bromine replace iodine in your body.

Most pharmaceutical drugs are now binded with fluoride (fluoride causes 20 different types of cancer in the body)

The best thing for you would be to buy distilled water and add 35% hydrogen peroxide tap water is not a good idea if you want to stay healthy or return to health when you are ill, 7 drops in one gallon of pure water shake really well to remove bleachy taste drink about 1 litre every day through the day. use as a rinse for a mouthwash then brush your teeth with sodium bicarbonate to replace toothpaste,

Also 2 drops of nascent iodine in pure water you could take this a couple of times a day always after food once when you first get up then about 3 in the afternoon when your body starts to fatigue,

Also borax (take after food) binds well to fluoride you need about 60 mg a day of borax which you should find in the laundry section make sure no scent is added to it, also make sure your getting enough magnesium 400-600mg a day this will act with the borax and will double the strength of your bones get rid of any arthritis and hundreds of other things in your body.

One last thing you and virtually all of us are deficient in apart from the iodine and borax is sulphur,

buy the sulphur coarse crystal flakes with no additives or anti-caking agents this is one of the only sulphur based products that have been proven to work MSM does not work, anything with an additive or coating on a pill will not work further than the GI tract.

Vitamin D is essentially borax you get borax and sulphur as well from the sun so standing in the sun and having two 30 minute sun baths every day optimal temperature is about 20 degrees is great for us, while your doing this stand barefoot on the grass as this rebalances the energy of our body with the earths and also draws up electrons out of the ground these electrons are apparently the most potent antioxidants you can put into your body hydrogen peroxide is the second most potent antioxidant.

when you eat your food always eat some fruit before the meal this prepares your stomach with the right enzymes papaya and pineapple are good, you get proteolytic enzymes which distribute the nutrients you get from your meal and utilises the nutrients in the correct way. again most of the proteolytic enzymes contain additives and therefore are pretty much useless im waiting for someone to tell me the right brand so use fruit for now


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