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Why might I now need 175 Levo ?

I was roughly stable for a few years at 125/150. Pregnancy pushed it up, then down and it's slowly been increasing post partum, 21 months.

I'm 52 kg, bmi 21, height 5'2". According to calculations it should be around 125.

I'm still breastfeeding, and getting a test for ceoliacs.

Any other thoughts? On activas brand for 100, 50, picking up 25's tomorrow.


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Haggisplant, as your thyroid fails and produces less hormone you need more replacement hormone. Weight to dose ratios are normally calculated for initial doses for patients who have had a thyroidectomy. Thereafter the dose is titrated according to TSH, FT4 and FT3 ideally, but often just TSH and FT4.


Thanks, so it's a reasonable amount to be on? After the tevo debacle I'm wary of changes like this .

A hypo colleague said she was on 300 today (but she's known to exaggerate a lot of things).


It's quite a high dose, Haggisplant, but you need what you need. There are people on 300mcg and considerably more, so your friend may not be exaggerating.


I think I assumed that was it at 125/150.

She's quite large and actually didn't know about not taking with other foods etc. so I can imagine she might be. says her next option is to have it out? I'm not sure they do that.

I've told her to ask for other tests eg celiac etc.

I'm aching so much after two days at school :(


Haggisplant, Tell your friend to get ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate checked if she isn't feeling well. She could also post her thyroid results if she wants to know whether she is optimally medicated.

Thyroidectomy/RAI should always be a last resort and is usually done if a patient is hyperthyroid, has thyCa, or the goiter or nodule is impacting on other nearby organs.


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