Hashi's & Adrenal Issues

Hi all, i'm really struggling at the minute. I have diagnosed Hashimotos and very low cortisol (tested by Genova) my question is how do you get the NHS to listen to you??? Everytime I have my thyroid meds raised I end up really ill & they end up dropping them back down again. Its awful and takes me months to feel better. Is there anyone on the NHS that believes in adrenal tests? I feel like i'm on a rollercoaster I can't get off off. Advice desperately needed. Thanks

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The NHS don't believe in low adrenal output, only if it gets as low as Addison's disease. I treat myself for hypoadrenia by applying hydrocortisone cream 25 mg per day rubbed in different body areas. It's enabled me to live a reasonable life. No NHS doctor will treat or even believe in 'adrenal fatigue'.


Do you have to have a prescription for that joeyis7? Can it be bought over the counter. Could you please PM with details, thanks.

Yes please I'd like to know the sane thing about the cream and where did you get the idea ? I have adrenal probs with horrible dull back ache - it would prob feel nice to rub something in !


Hi, Amanda! It's not really a case of 'rubbing something in' in a soothing way like liniment. You should only use the hydrocortisone cream once you have proven low cortisol through a serum test by the doctor or a Genova saliva test which costs about £70 and I think you can give Health Unlocked as your practitioner. You can buy hydrocortisone cream at Boots counter but it's a steroid and will suppress the natural function of your adrenals. Of course, if your adrenals are not producing what they should produce naturally, then that's the point of the steroid cream. So get adrenal function checked first, otherwise it's a misuse of a medicine and could harm you.


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