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Northamptonshire Endo referral please

Having recently moved to the Wellingborough/Kettering area I am now seeking a new NHS endocrinologist who is sympathetic/empathetic to hypothyroidism. I still suffer from the same symptoms as I did when first diagnosed despite taking 100mcg per day. In fact worse than ever. Constant hip and muscle pain, 6.5 stones heavier than I was 5 years ago and so very tired all the time. Recently diagnosed with sleep apnea too which doesn't help! Fed up with being told I'm i. The normal range so keep taking the tablets! Hair still falling out and very brittle and frizzy at the ends but oily at the scalp! Suffering with lactose and wheat intolerance and I have carpel tunnel in both wrists. I am so fed up if moaning all the time and hate to take pain killers. The diagnosis of shingles recently just put the tin lid on it all. I am now so depressed about the lack of improvement and my inability to walk further than 100 yards without needing a rest I rarely leave the house. My poor husband picks up all the slack. Help please before I become an bald, fat, moaning hermit !

Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you, Clutter

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100mcg a day is not a huge dose and you obviously need more. Ask your practice to give you the results of your most recent thyroid blood test, with reference ranges, and ask them also to check your iron, ferritin, B12, folate and Vit D. All need to be high in range. Low levels give symptoms similar to yours and also make it difficult to process thyroid hormones. When you have all these results, post again for advice.

You may well need the addition of some T3 but you will need to beg your new doctor to test freeT3 first. I doubt if it has ever been tested before. It is the active hormone our bodies need to function correctly. If it is low, you should ask your doctor or endo to add T3 to your dose of Levo. He will probably reduce this to allow for the T3. All of this assumes you find a good new doctor or endo. You have presumably registered with an NHS practice, so start by asking for the blood tests and see how you get on from there. Louise Warvill has a list of good endocrinologists, which she can email to you if you ask her.


Thanks so much. I just need something to look forward to which might help me have a life not just an existence. I am so ashamed to see my old friends whom I haven't visited since I relocated. I just don't want to see the expression in their eyes when they see me. I have grown sideways and look like a blob! Also I

How can I sit down constantly when I used to be so fit?

I appreciate your help. I will contact my new GP and organise bold tests.

Thanks again


Warren, email for a list of recommended endos. If there are none in your area you may need to travel.

Hennerton has given good advice. When you post your thyroid results members will be able to advise whether you are optimally medicated.


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