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Free T3 levels on 75mcg t3 each day

I have been taking 75mcg t3 each day. I Would like to know what levels of free t3 i can expect to see on blood work.

I have seen that members on this form have used doses upwards of 100mcg t3. So if anyone can comment with what my numbers should realistly come back as.

I take the t3 all right before bed around mid night, if the blood is taken at about 9 or 10 am what should i expect.

thanks for all the help :)

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Captforest, you should expect to see suppressed TSH <0.03, FT4 below range and FT3 towards the top or over range.

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so when my results came back at 4.6 pg/ml that is standard?


I think we all try to reach levels that make us feel well and it may take 75 mcg. for you but 100 mcg. for someone else to reach the same level. Without having the ranges, it's difficult to know if you are in the upper third. I doubt that 4.6 is high enough so how are you feeling? Testing gives you an idea you see what you may need to do to reach an optimal level for your well being.

I made the mistake of going 24 hours without T3 before the blood test. I think what you are going to do will give a more accurate reading.

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There is no standard result, results are individual. If you post your results with the lab ref ranges members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.


Would be better if you didn't take the T3 the night before because that will give you a false high ft3 and a false low TSH. Which could result in the doctor reducing your dose!

It would also be better if you could possibly have the test at 8 rather than 9/10. What the results will look like is a highly individual thing, but low TSH and T4 and high T3 are what most people get.

Hugs, Grey


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