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Endo recommendation in the North West

Hi All,,

Thanks for all your replies to my previous posts. I have had Louise's list for private Endo's but it seems there are only 2 anywhere remotely near where I live:

Dr Singh Purewal = Royal Liverpool University and Prof Bowen Jones Clatterbridge Hospital, Wirrall

I was wondering if any members had experience with either endo or had any good recommendations for others in the North West/Liverpool area?

Thanks in advance

Replies via private messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you, Clutter.

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I went to Miss Waghorn at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, she is a endo surgeon if you need to go down that route. She is good surgeon, my scar is perfect and recovery was good. However she never talked about other ways I could help my Hyper/Hypo symptoms only talked about changing medication dosage based on my bloods. It's a very busy clinic so expect a long wait. Unfortunately this forum proves you need to find out lot's about your condition and symptoms yourself, it's a good job we have this resource. cheers all.xx


It certainly is Nicky, thanks for your advice.


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