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GP result!

I encountered yet another GP who tried telling me my bloods were 'only borderline ' so not worth treating despite my horrendous symptoms that I can no longer manage. Long story short after a big arguement I got her to agree to a 3 month trial of levothyroxine!

I just wanted some advice on when is best to take it? I have heard in the morning an hour before food but I have also heard to avoid certain foods for a few hours after taking it. Is this true? Any help would be great.


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Before switching out the light at bed time , 2-3 hours minimum after eating or milky drinks or first thing in the morning but leave at least an hour before coffee and 4 hours for any iron supplements

The key is an empty stomach and keep away from coffee , grapefruit juice , iron and calcium


Meg, congratulations on persuading the GP to trial you thyroid meds. Take your Levothyroxine with a full glass of water on an empty stomach one hour before or two hours after food and drink, two hours away from other medication and supplements and four hours away from calcium, iron and oestrogen.

It's a matter of choice whether you take Levothyroxine in the morning or at night as long as you take it on an empty stomach.


Thanks for getting back to me guys. With regards to calcium and iron do you mean supplements or food containing these minerals? I am on the contraceptive pill so if I take my levothyroxine in the morning should I just take my pill in the evening? Thanks


Meg, Levo 1 hour before or two hours after food and drink including food with calcium and iron, 4 hours away from supplements containing calcium and iron. Fine to take Levo in morning and pill in the evening.


Thank you for your reply


Hi Meg26,

I tried Levothyroxine (Synthroid) and didn't feel good on it, I was switched to Armour Thyroid a Natural Dessicated Thyroid, and did better, but still not great. But I understand there are many NDT's and I hear you do better on them then the Levothyroxine. So even if you don't feel better or you feel worse, just ask for something else! In the meantime, I took the thyroid med 1/2 hour before breakfast.



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