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Hi all I feel as if I will never get this problem sorted I saw my /GP last week I explained about the antibodies told her all my symptoms and asked if they could be caused through having the antibodies she replied no as my TSH is normal . I asked if she had any advice on what I could do to prevent or help stop the antibodies destroying my thyroid she said no its just one of them things I said so we are just waiting for things to get worse she sort of half smiled and said Im afraid so. I cant understand this whatever symptom I mention she just puts down to something else, she is actually quite nice and easy to talk to she told me her sister had a thyroid problem so she new how I felt. So it looks like the sweating, itching. constipation, hair thinning joint and muscle problems. depression are all separate problems which I must live with until they get even worse. All very strange . rant over ha

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I get terrible itching, my forearms and back of my legs are a scaby horrible mess right now because of it. The itching is not so bad over the last month or so, not sure why unfortunately but I have switched to only moisturising with pure almond oil and showering with bicarbonate of soda, a bit odd but it seems to help. Also industrial level antihistamines...


Hi Ann

You've no medical info on your profile so I assume you aren't diagnosed yet?

You must realise by now that doctors no nothing at all about the thyroid gland except to diagnose if it is out of range and then medicate.

Please email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse Online article wherein it says if you have antibodies and symptoms they have to medicate to 'nip things in the bud'.

We have to educate our doctors - they don't have any knowledge whatsoever of clinical symptoms.


thanks for that Shaws I will email Louise and ask for the article she has already given me the list of endos. I did see a private endo last year who informed me I didnt have a thyroid problem before he did any tests when I asked for a copy of all the tests he eventually did I was told they would send them to my GP but they couldnt give them to me. He didnt even see me when the results came back he just phoned me and said everything was normal. When I asked my GP to check the results to see if antibodies showed up on them she said she couldnt find them on her system. He did do a 24 hr water test plus tsh and t3 and t4. when I had a private test by blue horizon recently that came back with the antibodies and low t3 and t4. I will just have to keep pushing them till I get some answers.


Honestly, the level of careless treatment we have to put up with! Do they not care how callous such fobbing off is? Of course, most of them are diabetes doctors with a (poor) side of thyroid. I'm hoping that twit you saw wasn't on Louise's List?

You know you have a legal right to your test results?

If that doctor who has a sister with thyroid troubles (and, as they run in families, may one day have them herself) really is helpful you could show her Dr Toft's article and see what happens.


I think I will do that, sometimes I feel they must think I am making all these symptoms up.


The most serious problem we have is with being undermedicated/unmedicated and diagnosed according to the blood test. Ignorance of clinical symptoms is appalling and we, the patients, have to suffer to the detriment of our health, family, work etc. etc.

We have to have medication at an optimum level and sufficient T3 in each and every cell for us to function normally. That's another fact they are unaware of. Some of us cannot convert T4 effectively or are kept on too low a dose of T4 to keep us 'within the ref. range'.


I have had a crawling, itching sensation for over 10 years now, ( only diagnosed hypo in last 5 months) but it is controlled pretty well by taking Fexofenadine (Telfast 180 mg). It's an antihistamine which T that dose is specifically for skin allergies. I'm hoping that once I'm taking optimum thyroxine that the itching will disappear. Clemmie


Hi What are your T4, TSH, and Free T3 with ranges on a print out? Also worth having LFT`s done, liver function as may be that but unlikely.



What helped my itching was changing to an extra virgin coconut oil soap and using Aveeno Lotion immediately after a shower. Jojoba oil is a good alternative to almond oil. Jojoba oil is the closest to the skin's natural oils.

My dermatologist told me the key was moisturizing ASAP after a bath or shower. I find not using hot water helps too.

I get itchy skin when overmedicated and under medicated.

Right now I think it's the attack of the fleas in my house.


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