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Does B12 supplementation require an increase in folate too?

I'm thinking about supplementing with straight, high-dose sublingual B12. But I remember reading that B12 and folate need to be balanced: does this mean that if I supplement with B12 I should also supplement with folic acid too?

My last B12 test came back at 477 pmol/l (197-?) and my serum folate was just under the bottom of the normal range (can't remember what the value was, sorry).

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Hose, as your folate is deficient your GP should have prescribed folic acid 5mg. You can probably get 4mg folic acid OTC and self supplement or get methylfolate. The FA PIL recommends 4 months supplementation but my folate was good after 4 weeks x 5mg and my prescription stopped. I continued supplementing B12 without folic acid.

ps it's a good idea to take a B complex too to keep the 'B's balanced.


I am sure you know that the B12 should, preferably, be methylcobalamin. This is a link for info:-


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