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Pain, pain and pain

Where to start...

Ive been in pain for whole week now, it got so bad that i ended up at a&e on sunday for 8 hours! I didnt even find out anything, they just gave me meds and a muscle relaxant and discharged.

Its situated in my shoulder, neck and down the back of my arm, i havent been able to turn my head fully , is this now going to be the norm for me?

Ive had to use holiday time as i cannot afford sick time off.

Does anyone else have these symptoms ?

Many thanks :)

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Kimick, I experienced stiff neck and shoulder episodes for several years prior to my thyroid diagnosis. Became expensive seeing a cranial osteopath up to 3 times a week and buying every new fangled pillow supposed to help.

If you post your recent thyroid blood results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) and say what medication you are taking members will advise whether you are on an optimal dose.

It is also possible that your stiff neck, shoulder and arm are due to reasons unconnected with your thyroid.


Whenever I have joint muscle pain, that can't be relieved by my husbands massage, I go the acupuncturist.

If I leave it too long, it seems to affect other muscles further along the way, becoming more painful over an even wider area.

Hope you get relief soon, as I can only imagine how painful it is.


Hi kimkick

It helps if you complete your your profile so that members, at a glance, have an idea of your thyroid history. How long you have been unwell, have you been diagnosed and what dose of levo are you on?


I have this and after 2 years and tests and MRI scans found out that I have cervical spondylosis. Had a root nerve procedure in January but did not last long to relieve the pain, awaiting another one (who knows when with the NHS). Ask for an MRI scan they can see right into the bones then. Good luck. Not easy I know.


Thanks for all the replies.

Managed to see my doc this morning, he gave me a good going over.

Its a swollen muscle pushing on a nerve.

He told me more in 10 mins than 8 hours at a&e told me.

He's set a date fir my next bloods (October)

He doesnt think that its related, and the pain should go in the next few days.


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I found acupuncture helped my neck. also magnesium and calcium tablets


I had the same and started thinking all sorts. Suffered for ages, then told doc who referred me for Physio. It went within a week and I still do the exercises and I can feel it coming back when I miss a week. So maybe that will help. Good luck


You do all the basic stuff? A single pillow only (to keep neck/spine straight)? Applying cold to the source of the soreness for short periods? Ibuprofen? Idiot's guide stuff, I know. But sometimes one doesn't think of it when in pain!

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