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Worried I've been on too much during pregnancy

Hi, I'm back with more pregnancy woes...I'm in for bloods on Monday, its been 5 weeks since last test my results were tsh: 0.09 (0.27-4.2) t4: 20.4 (10-22) I was still feeling exhausted so after a couple of weeks I increased a bit, to be honest my dosings been a bit all over the place, but I felt worse after going up, more exhausted, anxious, sleeping fine but generally unwell so the last 10 days or so I'm back on previous dose of 125/150, I feel a bit better.

I feel so stupid for going up, it wasn't much but I was taking 150 for a week or so.

I'm really worried I've caused damage to my baby, does anyone know the affect taking too much thyroxine during pregnancy can do? I suppose I was under the impression that I would need to keep increasing my dose till delivery, from what id read that seems normal.

I'm just feeling very anxious about the whole pregnancy, at least there's only 10 weeks to go.

Will update next week with blood results but grateful for any reassurance or advice.

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I shouldn't worry too much, 150 is not an excessive dose.... If it made you feel worse there is a chanece your adrenals need some support in the form of vits b and c. I am no expert on the baby stuff, but I think the crucial time to make sure you have a good supply of thyroid hormones is in the first 20 weeks, After that the baby canseits own thyroid supply.

Thyroxine is an inert storage hormone, so unless it was all converted into free t3 it wouldn't really do anything much.

Please stop worrying, Its not like your t4 was at the top of the range wen the blood tests were done, so at worst you may have pushed it slightly over the range. Which will be fine

Xx. G


Thank you...I worry far too much. :)

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Hi, you are meant to double your dose when you are pregnant. So, I went from 100 to 200 when pregnant and then back down again when baby was born. The main risk is from being too low especially in the first 3 months, so if you've got 10 weeks to go, sounds like you are doing really well. Has your GP or endo advised you? I only found out the hard way first time round, really they should tell everyone on thyroxin of child-bearing age in advance, so you don't have to find out along the way. Good luck, not long to go now. Try not to get too exhausted (easy to say) once you have the baby. B12, vit D and adrenal support. Also, I found I got really dehydrated after breast-feeding (13 months) got really exhausted. Now recovering with salt water as per Dr Batmangelidj, they tell you to drink lots of water but you need salt to and it helps your adrenals and am sure it helps you convert your meds. X Anna.


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