I would be interested to know how bad the tremors get with hypothyroidism.

I have been experiencing such bad tremors that my gp has put me on beta blockers, but the tremors have become worse,, so much so that my son says he can feel me what he calls buzzing sitting next to him..

I find the internal buzzing very uncomfortable ,and thought that the beta blockers were supposed to make it better,, but they have made it worse,,,any one any suggestions please,,?

Kind Regards


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Have your iron / Fertatin levels been checked? The reason is about 3 years ago I started feeling an inner trembling. I went to my docs & had a series of blood tests. The ferratins levels should be at least 130. Mine was 11. I now take iron every day in the form of Spa Tone ( the cheaper forms of iron upset my stomach) today my Ferratin levels are at 33, so whilst not brilliant they are better.

I get the tremors when I become t4 toxic. Many GP's rely on the TSH reading alone and don't test for fT4. You become toxic when you are a poor converter of T3 to T4. I am one of those people and no matter what I do I simply don't covert very well. What happens is you then get something called thyrotoxicosis facitatia - a form of hyperthyroidism but medication induced. I know when I have it because the tremors are the first thing I get. My GP is good at recognising this and will test my fT4 levels. Anything above 20 is bad for me and I have to drop down my meds. Because I am a Hashi my thyroid can be a bit all over the place so my GP trusts my judgement on this. I have got to the point now that if I get the tremors I drop my thyroxine for a while then take it back up when the tremors settle down. I wouldn't recommend everyone do this - my GP just let's me. You could ask your GP to test your fT4, at least that might give you an indication. T4 toxicity isn't good for you as it sends you into "overdrive" - hence the tremors. Beta Blockers are just adding in another medication and masking the underlying problem.

Sorry I meant poor converter of T4 to T3

Dear Hashihoppo..

I ffel like i could have the same problem as i am auto immune,,, and i dont think i process thing very well , they tend to work very fast going through me like wild fire, and i feel dreadful.

I have asked for another blood test, but the gp says not till october, as the last one was showing normal, but i was really ill. So there fore under medicated. I asked to go up to 75 mg and felt a little better, but these shakes are not visable t anyone else,, only inside me and if youre sitting on the same sofa,, i could make a fortune,, a vibrating seat !!! but its very off putting and very disconcerting , as these beta blockers also make my tinnitus much worse.

Also making me feel very depressed and low..

I don't think the Gps with their ten minuets surgery are really interested in whats causing it.



My tremors are not overtly noticeable, but I know they are there. It's quite a distinct sensation. It's getting the fT4 and fT3 tested that's important. I can show a seemingly normal 2.5TSH with a fT4 of 20, so get tremors, eyes feel achy, insomnia and a bit "wired". Im on 75mcgs and know to cut down to either 50mcgs/75mcgs alternating or cut my 25mcgs in half (tricky). Not good if your GP isn't cooperative.

hi astro, think maybe you could have an adrenal stress index saliva test. It could be that you need some adrenal support to enable your body to accept the thyroid hormone that is coming in. hope this helps.

good luck back to health ............ Hashi x

Dear Hashi 2014

I have had my adrenals checked by my very abrupt endo , who tells me there's noting wrong in that area.

Thankyou, i feel like having a party the day i feel wonderful enough to join the world and not want to hide under a duvet and dissappear,

kind Regards


I agree with Hashihoppo that the tremors are experienced when you are taking too much T4, as I have sometimes had them. And as another post told informed us the dosage on the meds can vary quite considerably between batches and brands of thyroxine, so you may still be taking the same dosage but receiving more of a hit. I would suggest the you drop your thyroxine tablets slightly to see if you feel better. Also think that taking beta blockers is just complicating things unnecessarily with more medication. Do you have a heart condition that your doctor prescribed the betas for?

Dear Soozep

I dont think that can be the case , as i was dreadfully ill on 50 mg as it wasnt enough , but am now on 75 ml and feel slightly better, but there is something not right as i am experiencing this buzzy body alll day and worse at night ,,, got to come off these beta blockers as they make me feel horrendous.

thanks for the reply though,


I am hyperthyroid normally with graves. I struggle to sleep at night as I can feel myself vibrating like a mobile phone all the time. I used to check under the pillow thinking my phone was ringing or something even though I keep it on the bedside as I could not understand it was me. I was put on anti depressants for a few months and then they realised it was thyroid rather than madness. The beta blockers sorted my heart but I am off them now. I had RAI three weeks ago and I am really bad with vibrating inner ears as well. I got used to it mainly but I am not surprised others can feel it. at least you know you are not imagining it which is what I was told. I think the carbimazole lessened It for me but I am on that currently and it does not appear to be working. anyway I hope you feel better soon. I am sure someone more experienced will give you better info. I am a newbie. x

Dear Madasahatter

I know that one,,

i thought that ,,i also thought i had left my lappy on ,, thought i had put the covers over it too and it was hiding in the bed,,

Then last night my son said to me mum youre buzzing so much i can feel the couch shake,,

I didnt think another could feel it , i thought i was going mad,, but when i try to go to sleep at night its really hard as my feet and legs vibrate then my arms and head and its driving me nuts,,

I really would like to know what s causing this,, and stop it as i feel so low with these things and getting fed up with not feeling right,,,



sorry I don't have tremors, but my GP put me on Beta Blockers for high blood pressure and I collapsed at work. The Beta blockers made my blood pressure drop too quickly, Beta blockers are to be used with great caution on a patient with Hypothyroidism.

Sorry to hear you collapsed , that must have been very frightening.

I have huge reserves about beta blockers, and didnt really want to go on them as i fear they can do lots of things one doesn't necessary want,

I dont feel my gp exercises great caution over anything as he doesn't even encourage on to read the packet, he says if you read that you wouldn't take anything.



If you have amalgam fillings you might also want to look into mercury poisoning as tremors and thyroid problems are 2 of the many symptoms of that. Check it out online first as the medical profession are loathe to admit that mercury in the mouth is toxic!

Thankyou wildflower,

i do take b vit and c and other supplements am a vegetarian and have found that if i keep to eating proteins my weight doesnt fluctuate so much,,its just this buzzing inside and the tinnitus ,, i can bear everything else im left with now having got used to it,, horrid thyroid,,,(auto immune hypothyroid,,) but this buzzing and tinnitus, and the bad hip,!!!



Hi Astro, I've been feeling much better since trying a salt water cure. Two pinches of pink himalayan salt in water several times a day. Helps with adrenals and must help with T4 to T3 conversion since it has 60 different micro minerals in it. Good luck with it all. A.

Dear AnnaG75

Thankyou, im glad that helped you. My end o says that my adrenals are fine, just want to stop the buzzing and the tinnitus, and get my hip better...


Kind regards


Unless you've got a very good endo, they are typically a bit rubbish. But just in case>>

I've suffered with aches and pains for 20 years since I was 15 and they have all gone, so might help your hip.


Have you tried supplementing with magnesium?

Get off GLUTEN! it has been shown to cause tremors in gluten sensitive people. There's no test for GS but if you El ill in ate all breads and grains for several weeks and tremors lessen you'll know.

Yes neeters

I am off gluten

I have museli , in the am(gluten free) and gluten free pasta, i eat proteins to help my weight ,, i dont think its that,,

I have learned lots from this site in the last four months and i am trying everything, as i feel so rough..4 months on and i only feel a little better,, its not right , now am buzzing like a hornets nest and white noise in head realy off putting ,



I had been gluten free and it made no difference. There are blood tests for gluten sensitivity and food sensitivities in general.. Igg and Ige, food sensitivities tests. I have had a colon biopsy, the food sensitivities tests and skin prick test at the allergists office and a celiac test with blood and all were negative for gluten.. It is not a problem for me, but it turned out i am sensitive to milk.

Sorry about spelling that should have been eliminate gluten and grains

Dear JDG12

My Gp wont check for iron and ferratin levels,, he seems to think we all waddle out of a text book looking like Gemmima Puddle Duck and , and anything that he hasn't encountered is as rare as hens teeth,,,!!!

I am so fed up of my gp he commented to me last time,, if I were you id be panicking now,!!!

I felt like saying to him that if he was a better gp I would be well and not feeling as rubbish as i have for the past 4 months not at work while he practiced trying to get me well experimenting with everything he thought..may or may not work,,,



It really does sound as though you have lost all faith in your GP. Can you see another GP at the practice who may be better? Otherwise I would be inclined to change GP. To do this you select another GP practice and ask to register with them. They complete the paperwork and your current GP simply gets an electronic message to advise them to send any paper notes to their distribution hub. Once they are received there they are forwarded to your new GP. This takes a few weeks, and you can in the meantime see your new GP.

Dear JDG12

Well my gp has made me worse not better, and i see several locums at the practice, and a few seem to be better , but when i tell my gp what a wonderful locum there was he says couldn't i persuade her to come back,,i would if i knew where she was coming from. The regular gps there seem to be over worked and delight in the fact they have a locum. I wish i could persuade them but they seem t work a lomg way from the practice and are only there for a day.

however i am thinking of transferring to one up the road where there are only two doctors but they are both men.




Hi just one thought astroscopesuk, I haven't read all of the reply so forgive me if someone else has said this. Beta blockers affect thyroid function, I've just refused them for high blood pressure. Doctors seem ignorant to this, but it may be on the patient leaflet? I have certainly read this somewhere.

Dear Helcaster

its ok i don't expect patient and everyone to read everything any way.

Im just fed up getting symptom after symptom and not feeling normal, for someone who never took pills and ibuprofen only if really needed, im now on so many darned pills I don know which way to turn . Every one does something else that effects something else, im just more confused and fed up ,

Gps today dont seem to want to do a great deal, but sit and collect a huge salary, spend ten minutes with each patient and not bother very much, then blame it all on the health service, sending their patients home still ill.

but thank you ive put beta blockers into Google, and dont have much joy. Maybe some obscure search engine may have some answers,but i thought id get more joy here.

Many thanks

seeing silly gp tommorow,

Kind Regards


Beta blockers are used if someone has an over active thyroid to reduce the function, so to me it's common sense that they may make you more under active? I googled beta blockers and thyroid function and a lot came up.

I was the sort of person who avoided taking anything for a headache, now I'm juggling 3 auto immune diseases, an incurable bladder disease, fibro and arthritis, I rattle too. I know I have harming side effects from the drugs I take, but with interstitial cystitis I have absolutely no option, or be crippled with severe pain and housebound. I think you have to choose the lesser of two evils. I would love to be drug free but that's not going to happen. I've been on drugs since 2003, maybe you just get used to it?

I agree GP's more often than not are ignorant to many chronic diseases and a 10 minute slot isn't going to achieve anything. Most of the time you're not examined, so how can a diagnosis be made? Blood tests I've found to be often inaccurate, and one of the drugs I take for my bladder messes with blood test results. My favourite story is my GP saying there's no evidence of arthritis in my blood, then when I get scans and x rays I'm riddled with it. I was offered knee replacements in my 40's yet I'd been complaining of knee pain and nosy bones, legs giving way for the previous 7 years. Was told by a rheumatologist it was fibro previously, but he never sent me for x rays or any investigations. It's so depressing.

Time and again I've taken in my own research, hunted down experts myself often 100 of miles away, and asked to be referred. What are they getting paid for again?

im so sorry to hear that helcaster

three auto immune diseases you must feel dreadful..

I tend to agree about these so called experts they know very little, seems to be the ones straight out of med school that are better,, the gps seem to pick each drug out like sweeties until they find one that works,, im so down,, i need to get back to some kind of work,, cant say i relish the job i did but i can do the office,,but i am still after four months not fit enough to return as im always tired and my pills dont kick in on time ,, and some knock the others out,, Now my gp has me on anti depressants as the beta blockers were just magnifiying everything including the internal shakes, im so fed up fed up really do feel like crying,,,,

but i know there are others who are going through this rubbish too

well im sending all my best wishes to anyone else who is suffering and huge warmth to eveyone whos soo lovely and helpfull on this lovely place,,

im so glad i can talk or ask questions here, im getting nonsesne at my gps



It's rotten when you feel like you're not contributing. I used to love my job, but haven't been able to work for 10 years now. The loss of earnings is huge isn't it. I get DLA and that helps with all the things you have to buy when you're sick, but I lost a really good salary :-(

Have you thought of self medicating? I gave up on doctors 2 years back and buy my own Armour and T3, levothyroxine did very little for me.

A few of my drugs are sedating so I know how you feel, rotten to lose that sharpness and also contributes to lack of energy.

Do you think antidepressants will help? I was put on them for years never felt any benefit, just more zonked out. Being short of T3 definitely lowers your mood, have you had it tested?

My tremors were worse on levo. I still get them as I can't cope with stress, and I get that internal shaking and I can feel my legs shaking too. I'm low in cortisol though, so obviously that contributes.

Thinking of you. X

Hi Astro

So sorry to hear that you have tremors esp when so yoiung . I am a fellow sufferer wiht hypo thryoid which started 22 years ago after a virus. Diagnosed as having Hashimoto's. Like you I have tremors and soemtimes whole body shakes.

For the last 2 years my hands are tremoring so badly I cannot do hadnwritng and make SO many typos I've almost given up writing emails as it takes me hours to do (big contrast to the past). It's awfully depressing not being able to bang out some news easilyand really fast with virutally no mistakes at all as I used to.

To my knowledge (MSc , MPhil and PhD in neuropsychology, and LOADS of research) low tyhroid could be the cause but it's uncommon, uless you are also hypoglycemic (low blood sugar when your dody needs to feed). If you are on a strict slimming diet that could be part of the cause.

I do feel for you as it is worrying that beta blockers aren't working for you as they are effective for shaking. I have to take clonazepam and procyclidine as I also suffer from blepharospasm (involuntary eye blinking) whih has spread to facial, oro-mandibualr and esophagus as well. I'm in my 70's and I can expect some aging deterioration, but lately I've demanded to know if I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) but the neurologist I see is unhelpful and dismissive of this. I have virtually ALL the symptoms incl this shaking and movement, bowel and bladder probs as well as serious eye problems. My hearing has gone fairly recently and this was a big shock as I had very acute hearing. I've even been goven hearing aids.

When my thyroid problem started I had a lot of help and many many tests and ws finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome. I think though the diagnosis should have been MS from the start as I've suffered from pain, stiff muscles, and eye problems during hese past 22 years

I was living in New Zealand aand the time and the medical help was supreme. THe test showed I had Hashimoto's - an auto immune disease of the thyroid.

Had hundreds of tests but an MRI was not avaiable in 1992. From my research there are many people wiht low tyhroid who go on to develop MS, and sometimes I think (like many med experts) that the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is just a fake diagnosis as it is so often belived to be a false diagnosis for hypothyroidism which in itself hs wide ranging symptoms. I've had a session with Dr Barry Peatfield when my symptoms started to really interfere with my life. He's very kind and helpful, and I now take "natural " T3, and also adrenal support, as well as the T4 which is all the docs will give you.

Let me know if you have other symptoms and get back t the GP and let them know the B-blocker just isn't working and that you want testing by a medical neurophysiologist (sometimes called med physio or med physics) They can test well for MS and othert neurological symptoms.

Wishing you all the best, and do let me know how its goes.

Warm regards, Maggie PS Sorry about the typpos but you'll know why.

You poor thing,

I empathize, Im not that young by the way,it was just a better photo than normal, usually i look rubbish, AND FEEL EVEN WORSE!!

However i am due back to work again, this week and im not looking forward to that as i hate the place, but however , i didnt fancy explaining to them about these tremors, as its embarrassing,as you know.

I did have an adrenal test and my endo says its ok , but hes a pompous man and doesnt have time for many. These tremors are mostly in my legs and arms and at night all through my back.

I did at first think i had left my mobile on in my bed, but that's not something i do normally so i was a little frightened when i realised it was me..

however beta blockers arent the answer i dont think , i just wish i knoew what was causing this

very odd sensation


hope you feel better soon


I have got an odd fluttering lately under my left breast almost like a fluttering you get in your tummy when you are pregnant. Also felt as if my hands were shaky a bit. Has anyone experienced this?

Dear Mamaris

i dont know but it sounds like these tremors again , ,,id as everyone here seems to do try and explain it to your gp. Hopefully you have a good gp who will listen!

All the best

Kind regards


It seems as though you have an issue with the t4 meds. I have never felt well and actually worse since starting treatment. I have added t4 back to a reduced dose of t3, after not doing well on t3 only and the swelling is all coming back. I have tremors also and weak feeling muscles. I'm cutting back on the t4. I could not take 75 just turns into rt3. The beta blockers at a low dose are the only thing that gives me relief. It is Propranolol and i take only 5 mgs. You may do well on a lower dose of t4 and adding some t3.

Astro, do you have an endo appointment coming up soon? I'm wondering whether T4 is causing the tremors as I had similar tremors and a lot of other side effects which calmed down when I added T3. It's worth discussing with your endo or even considering self-medicating to see whether a little T3 helps you.

Dear Clutter

you have always been very kind and helpful with your replies.

I do not have an endo app till dec now. My gp said oh at least we have your thyroid sorted. He seems to think these internal tremors are something to do with the menopause. Some anxiety thing, I actually internally vibrate all the time, it makes me feel giddy and sick and it only started a few weeks ago. Gp put me on beta blockers but they stopped the pain killers working and magnified the shaking tenfold.. You actually helped me by suggesting i took loratodine with my levo which helped. i feel like a guinea pig as the gp just seems to be picking different drugs till one works..i still feel unwell, just as i thought i could see light at the end of the tunnel and was expecting to go back to work for half days these tremors start,, and another month unable to work as my hands go numb too and very white..

if any one can shed any light ,,you prob can clutter,,

hope youre feeling well



I had tremors before I was diagnosed, they were awful, so I can completely understand! I found for myself, nothing helped...sorry... :-(

Mine eventually went away, then came back again, gosh it was like sitting on a washing machine on spin then not, then spin then not for months on end. It was terrible.

Hope you find relief soon!! Wishing you all the best.


dear jenny fluff

they are hatefull,, my whole body shakes internally and noone else can see it, my son says i vibrate when i sit next to him he hates it. I dont find it much fun , it makes me feel very sick and when i stand its awful, my gp asid oh at least we have your thyroid sorted , and he thinks its something to do with the menaupause and stuck me on anti depressants ..I told him the beta blockers were doing me no favors at all as they just magnified everything and stopped the pain killers working. Oh he said they arent supposed to do that,, they are supposed to stop the shakes. I had previously told him my body does the opposite to most drugs.

i asked him about t 3 and he said that im optimally medicated now on t4.

im going stir crazy..just want t feel well,,, very very fed up now,actually do feel like crying



Hi Astro, notice you mention numb hands and fingers going white could it be raynauds? Dont laugh but restless legs can affect the whole body especially arms and legs could that be a possibility. I am bit paranoid as I have it very severely but thought it possible? Does it ease a bit when you move and worse when you rest? Just an idea! X

Recognising hypo and hyper symptoms can sometimes be difficult.

For me, when i am under medicated, i get an inner shivering. When i am over medicated, i get a trembling feeling.

There's not a huge difference between the two, so other symptoms, such as feeling cold (hypo) or hot (hyper) help to decide.

Thankyou both,, xx

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