Biologists discover bacteria communicate like neurons in the brain

For those that enjoy science this is a rather interesting article with many implications.

This comes from a recent post by Dr. Kelly Brogan. PR

Link to article in Science Daily.

Link to Dr. Brogan's Snippet.

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  • Very intriguing article, PR. I related to part of it since a few years ago I bought an ionic toothbrush. It works at lifting plaque off the teeth. I was not that familiar with biofilms. Recently Epictetus linked an article about these bacteria and vitamin D receptors. The little I understand is that these bacteria are exceedingly powerful and now that the blood brain barrier can break down, they are a menace.

  • It is very interest. Thanks for posting.

  • I have just found this link too:-

  • In some ways, not that surprising. An awful lot of the things that higher organisms do are done in some form by lower organisms. Good old repurposing!

    And still interesting! :-)

  • & all our poor little mitochondria plugged into the matrix....

    I think I saw a theory about how they communicate on TED...

    or was it midi-chorians....

  • Ah - and I thought they were the electronic music complement of terpsichoreans. :-)

  • I googled & found but could not listen!

    a cantina band is enuf to my ears

    even wookieepedia fails.

  • I makes one wonder (I'm only 10% human m'lod...)

    seen an experiment, somewhere, proving why a suicidal mouse is influenced by bacteria/parasite trying to complete it's lifecycle.....

    not Michael Mosely?

  • Hilarious!

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