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my FBC results and FSH and prolactin from 2 years ago, help pls with results

pls can someone interpret these results and tell me if ok? they are from 2 years ago before diagnosed hypo when i was complaining of thyroid symptoms and zero libido.

TSH *2.93 (0.3-5.5)

full blood count results below:

HB 14.2* g/dl (11.5-16.0)

MCV 86.5* fl (80-100)

MCH 29.4* pg (27-32)

MCHC 34.0* g/dl (30-36)

RDW 12.6* % (11.5-16.0)

HCT 0.418* (0.35-0.45)

RBC 4.83* 10*12/L (3.8-5.8)

WBC 7.98* 10*9/L (4-11)

NFUT 5.61* 10*9/L (1.8-7.5)

LYMP 1.95 * 10*9/L 1.0-3.5)

MONO 0.35* 10*9/L (0-1.0)

EOS 0.04* 10*9/L (0.04-0.4)

BASO 0.03* 10*9/L (0.0.2)

PLT 251* 10*9/L (150-400)

Follicle stimulating hormone and LH

F.S.H *3.4 iu/L

L.H *2.3 iu/L

prolactin test

prolactin *281 miu/L (ref range non pregnant- 102-496 miu/L)

Any help interpreting these results gratefully received.

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I think a lot of answers can be found through functional medicine. In this 5 min video he explains prolactin and low thyroid. He has many more pertaining to other reasons for low thyroid.

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Can anyone tell me or inbox message me about my full blood count results and whether they think they are low or ok?


Minus, Google FBC, Labtestsonline, or NHS Choices and you should be able to get some info. I don't know enough to interpret the results other than TSH was within range but high enough to cause you hypo symptoms.


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