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Pre Opp and self medicating ,

Help Please ;since the loss of Dr Skinner my meds have been reduced dramatically with only seeing GP . In July I started to self medicate and felt considerably better how ever had a pre opp for operation on foot in near future and have had hospital ring to advise of thyroid blood test being to high so need to see Gp then have a blood test in a month to review situation before I can go ahead to have operation. haven't got results to post on here yet but if blood test is due in a months time how soon would I need to reduce meds? I am now taking 250mg levothyroxine as apposed to 75mg prescribed by the Dr ? I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer please.

Thanks in advance.

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I think the first thing to do is find out what your latest test results show. It may be that there is not really an issue. For example, it may be that your TSH is suppressed, but FT4 and FT3 are within range.

If you are feeling well on your current dose, I would have thought reducing to bring your results into a space where an orthopaedic surgeon is content may be a little short-sighted and may affect your ability to recover easily from the surgery.


I assume you haven't yet had a blood test since before July? Do you have your previous blood test results to post, with the ranges. The one that made your GP reduce your dose (how cruel from 225mcg to 75mcg) no wonder you are self medicating. As asteynomad suggests an up-to-date blood test will give you an idea of where you are on the scale at present. Even a TSH and T4 as I think that's all they will take into account.


This is the recommendation of Dr Toft of the BTA:

6 What is the correct dose of thyroxine and is there any rationale for adding in tri-iodothyronine?

The appropriate dose of levothyroxine is that which restores euthyroidism and serum TSH to the lower part of the reference range – 0.2-0.5mU/l.

In this case, free thyroxine is likely to be in the upper part of its reference range or even slightly elevated – 18-22pmol/l. Most patients will feel well in that circumstance.

But some need a higher dose of levothyroxine to suppress serum TSH and then the serum-free T4 concentration will be elevated at around 24-28pmol/l.


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