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Inside health bbc radio4 are covering conflicts of interest in medical research, why don't we ask them to cover GP conflict of interest?

Hi have just done the first of three programmes, I think, on how whether pharma companies are influencing research outcomes. In addition I think they should cover the conflict of interest of a GP managing their own budgets now and how that might and is influencing what they choose to prescribe. We often notice t3 being cut by uk gps. Why don't we all email inside health and ask them to cover this side of the story? It can't just happen to us, it must happen in all areas of general practice where gps choose cheaper meds over more expensive ones? Can't hurt to lobby them can it?

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The problem is not the GPs. They are at the bottom of the food chain.

The real culprits are the 'great and good' doctors who influence policy and guidelines at the British Thyroid Federation and British Thyroid Association.

GPs, who are taught very little about Thyroid diseases, are supposed to follow the guidelines (which are clearly inadequate), or they risk their careers.


Well my problem was my GP taking away my t3 after ten years on it - was stupid enough to move so new surgery. And I do think that GPs managing budgets has implications for what they will prescribe because they are concerned about cost in a way they never were several years ago. Plus it isn't just about us, is it, it's about how that could and is effecting health care and what the NHS provides. The GPs are the gatekeepers to all our health care and if they don't purchase services we don't access them. That's potentially a conflict of interest because they aren't necessarily making clinical judgements they are tempering them with financial judgements. But if that doesn't bother you then don't worry about it, it was just an idea!


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