Rant alert: The root of all evil/failure in the NHS: GPs

A system wide open to abuse. No hope for patients

I have posted extensively about my NHS gp refusing to prescribe as directed by my specialists, refusing to facilitate various onward referrals as directed by my specialsts.Even when told repeatedly in writing.

People say change GPs but i have done so several times and they are all the same.

The reason they act the way they do - ie negligent (the words of my private GP who i wish i could afford to see all the time) is that they are not accountable.

How is it legal, you ask? How can they get away with it? EASY

NHS GPs do not work for the NHS per se - it is a service contracted out by the PCT. That is why PCTs do not investigate complaints about GPs but just refer tham back to the GP. That is why the Dept of Health does not deal with complaints. That is why there is NOTHING you can do - they are untouchable.The GMC is basically a defence union for doctors, it protects the interests of doctors not patients. The practice manager is employed by the GPS, so she/.he is powerless to do anything about complaints. The Ombudsman is a waste of space, it deals with complaints the same way The Consumer Council For Water "polices" Thames Water.

My specialists who are exasperated with GP refusal to issue the scripts for meds i need, say they themsleves are NOT ALLOWED to give me the prescriptions - TO WHICH I AM ENTITLED- at the hospitals (although i was slipped a couple under the table). So you see the problem here: the power is in the wrong place.

eg. my specialist said i needed an iron infusion. He wrote a detailed report. Gp wrote a vague letter to Haemo, but FAILED to include my specialist's letter. Naturally they refused to facilitate the infusion.I insisted she repeat the exercise at a different hospital. They agreed but when i got there said she had failed to provide his letter. When they saw it they said "if we;d seen this, we would have helped you sooner". Spec said i need these infusions regularly - GP refuses onward referral. I wrote directly to Haem who say they cannot help - the GP has to facilitate it, even tho I have been there before. I have even written "for the record letters" outlining all the things she has refused to facilitate and that doesnt scare her either. The specialist himself is not allowed to refer me directly to haemo within the hospital i see him at.

In addition, the specialists - if they think i need to see other specialists - are not allowed to cross refer. They HAVE TO direct me back to the GP who naturally refuses. Why? Funding points, revenue focus, malice, etc.

Whoever thought up this system needs a good kicking. The system is so wide open to abuse it is just not funny. I wonder how much false accounting goes on in terms of funding points,, how many patients die needlessly with their families being clueless that any failings have taken place by smarmy GPs. We know all too well how people with thyroid disease and associated issues are left to stew in misery.

NHS GPs are accountable to no one, which is why they act in such a criminal fashion. They do it because they can and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

Who would like to join my rant?

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  • count me in.....weare powerless and something needs to be done...we have to take some of that power away and demand a service to meet individual need.

  • Omg, this is appalling and you no what you are correct at what you have expressed, it is a very scary situation when your own health is at the hands of the gods at b. I take my hat of to you for trying and the sad truth is , even chiropraticor and other alternative therapies have the same policy, can not be touched even if they caused a I jury. The root forward is a tricky plan and as with me and many more patients, I am yet to meet a specialist who actually really wants to help. However I've had the same shoddy treatment, such as private notes being ignored and reccomendations. It's a system failure and what action we all take is debatable as it seems there is no way out. I can only empathasise with you lovie , hopefully we will find a puzzle that fits. It seems there is no house for thyroid sufferers and like you said how many have died from the lack of care and withholding information, I have a friend who is looking into the death of his mother , who slipped into a coma because she was diabetic as a result he didn't no, now everybody covering g there backs. I really feel for you. Xx

  • I will join in. I had been misdiagnosed by my former GP and was refused a referral to endocrinologist even though I was willing to go privately, instead I had one to a psychiatrist.

    In the end I sought private treatment from a dr who didn't require a referral and have been receiving private treatment for over ten years.

    I now have an appointment to see a new GP as I want to see an Endo. The NHS are unaware that I'm on T3 and HC. I'm really scared what the reaction will be when I tell them.

    Btw, I recently posted a link to an old article where they want to give even more power to GPs. It is so wrong. Why can't we have a health system like in other countries? I have friends and relatives abroad and they have free access to specialists. They don't need a GP referral. In Germany, Poland, Austria, France and many other countries GPs are not gatekeepers. They shouldn't be in this country.

    Here is the link to my post if anyone wants to read it:


  • Hi Jow - the article you linked to about GPs being gatekeepers - that has already happened. It was all part of the NHS reorganisation that took place in April 2013. That is why seeing a specialist who wants to refer you on to another one has to be done via your GP. And if the GP doesn't agree with specialist number 1 about the need for specialist number 2, then they can refuse the referral.

  • Hi I hadn't realised that a consultant couldn't refer you to another consultant. It is even worse than I thought.

    Thank you for telling me.

  • A Consultant can refer to another Consultant, mine has just done so and another in the past.

  • Then I've been lied to by the consultant I'm seeing about some non-thyroid related things. :(

  • I am saddened to read your post and the others too. I retired to Crete on retirement in 2004 and many people in the UK asked all sorts of questions - including health issues. We had no idea what the system was but as pensioners we knew there was a reciprocal agreement within the EU. After 50 years of ill health - my Hashimotos was discovered in 2005 - here ! Check Profile ! We can have any test we choose in the next village where there is a Clinic for Haematology. Everything we have experienced has been of the highest standard - from dental care in very well equipped clinics to amazing scanning clinics. In our next village we also have an ultra sound/scanning clinic as well as Draculas Den - dentist- GP's - vets and so on ! In our nearest town there are Diagnostic Clinics by the score and streets full of private consultants - all at a reasonable price - and affordable by us without private insurance.

    What confuses me is why doesn't this happen in the UK - why can't someone open a clinic as they do here. Even Physios are just 25 euro a session. I have read that the Poles are on the case and opening walk-in clinics in London. The NHS is incredible when it comes to dealing with trauma and emergencies - but the treatment of chronic conditions and AID - along with preventative measure for illnesses is just not there.

    I have a studio - which has been well used by family and friends - and not many escape without a visit to Draculas Den for blood tests....people are so completely shocked by the level of professionalism in this completely BROKE country. We are free to take control ....and to take responsibility for ourselves.... maybe a trip here with Ryannair is cheaper than dealing with it all in the UK.

    Just a word of warning - my daughter had all the tests here including scans. Her GP in the UK refused to look at them. his comment - 3rd world !! Ran his own tests - declared her normal - it's in your head. With 'gentle ' persuasion from this end she was seen privately - a FNA revealed her thyroid cancer. Valuable time had been wasted and now she is battling other tumours in her bones. Not related declare her medics..... Well my research with VitD B12 Low T3 - all indicate there IS a connection. Especially if you are on Beta-blockers because you are being under-treated for the lack of thyroid....

    I share every ones sadness and grief - my reason for being here is not for just for myself but to learn as much as possible to help others..... the glory is in the marching..........thank you for reading xx

  • Please tell me where to find a walk in Polish clinic in London - i will gladly attend

  • Great thanks, wish i'd seen this before my hideous nhs ultrasoud experience last week

  • And i wish I lived near London :-(

  • If you do go to the Polish clinic, please let me know how you get on. Good luck.

  • ..thank you ff1 for providing the links and reassuring me I did not imagine the articles :-)

  • No, thank you ! I only found these after I read your reply to this post, I only wish I lived near London

  • Perhaps you could invest in a property we could all utilise as a "paying B&B" whilst enjoying some much needed sun, wonderful company and have much needed tests (albeit) ones that will be ignored by our "NOT" Proffessional GP's (who are the Gategeepers to free emergency healthcare)

    What for me is the worst of all is that these same GP's and Professionals have supposedly sworn to the "Geneva convention" "Hipocratic Oath" to do the patient no harm/act in the patients best interests

    Sadly the NHS is NOT a preventative healthcare system and we the self informed patients are a great irritation and liability to the "gatekeepers" of our health and (quality of life or rather NOT quality of life)

    The GP's are acting on Government Directives and targets (which they the GP's didn't want the responsibility for) and were not given any choice about (Tow the line) or you won't be given a contract.

  • Have you been to the Citizens' Advice Bureau? It seems to me you might possibly have a case for medical negligence if you could find a specialist solicitor willing to help you. Perhaps on a no win, no fee basis.

  • Don't go to the Citizens advice for medical negligence!! That's where my problems began.

    I'm waiting to hear back about the one that was allocated to me as she was NOT acting for me!!

    How do I know? My issues were forwarded to my GP from her (found her reports of me in my GP medical records)

    I requested copies of her records of me and (I was shocked) to say the least.

    I know there are individuals (strategically placed) in supposedly "Independant" services.

    They have everything covered and there is NO such thing as "Free Independant Advice" in the UK

  • nhs.uk/choiceintheNHS/Yourc...

    While i actively avoid looking at the nhs choices site because it has the same effect on me as gluten - do look at all the comments on this link. The link proves my point that GPs are a law unto themselves. It also shows how the backlash has begun

  • I do believe that slowly GPs are losing the respect of their patients especially when the general public is made aware of their high salaries.

  • and when you educate people about how the funding points work

  • Hi! You have my sympathy and I urge you to keep good records, and continue to fight your corner. I would also urge you to write properly a concise specific report - maybe with a timeline of all these events (Hospital/symptoms/requests from specialist one side - GP the other?) and send this to your area MP as a formal request for help. If the MP has a 'surgery' where you can make an appointment, don't just send it, take it all with you for clarity and evidence (2 copies)so you can leave him/her a copy. Tell them how it is. My own MP here is amazing and will ALWAYS at least get you heard. I did this when we couldn't get prescribed T3 where I live, and we can have it now! You might finally revolutionise the system for us all, since you have the categorical proof that is needed, rather than just here-say - they always need some proof. And you write it so well, so I am sure you could score! Go Bluedaffodil - Go Bluedaffodil!xxxx

  • Been there done that years ago - MP did not respond. Decided to use my limited energy to educate myself and self medicate. When i have the time and energy, I do of course immensely enjoy being a huge thorn in the side of the NHS

  • What a dismal, tragic and depressing post and comments !!!! How can this be true ?? It's just nonsense ! Surely...........?

    Sadly if you have thyroid disease you know it's just a basic fact. Where on earth do they find these narrow minded.bigoted, judgmental people ? Is it a training program or are the NHS breeding them in secret ? Other diseases suffer too but I def think thyroid disease is the worst affected. Must be because it's primarily a disease of middle aged woman.......obviously neurotic, moaners, menopausal, unfit, overweight and looking for excuses ! Even the female docs/Endos have joined that bandwagon, seems they have to agree with their male peers.

    Sorry I know young people and guys can suffer too, not dissing your situation :)

    The Docs also have god complexes and think they know so much more than the"rabble "they treat. I was actually asked to leave my practice last week because I told the GP she was misdiagnosing me and endangering my health. I did it very politely and reasonably but that made no difference.

    However, there is one decent doctor in the practice and I have demanded to move to her list. They refused, saying I obviously had no confidence in the practice. I told them that was certainly true of named GP.

    So I phoned the health board and told them. Pointed out as I am also suffering from a physical injury that restricts my mobility it would effectively leave me without GP care. ( nearest 10 miles away ) I complained to everyone I could think of and sent a letter to practice refusing to move and demanding transfer to other doc list. They had to take " advice" but whatever it was they are grovelling frantically.

    A small victory, but in my current health I simply can't deal with this hassle. I should not have to !!!!!!!!

  • Late to the party but would like to join in.

    Whilst we have the Eton Mafia running the country the NHS can only get worse.

    In 2011/12 a total of 3,620 GPs were paid over £150K per annum and this figure includes 670 who earned over £200K. This is after practice expenses, staff costs and bills have been paid.

    As you say, Bluedaffodil, complete lack of accountability within the NHS and makes my blood boil.

  • Love "Eaton Mafia"

  • ...love your expression - the Eton Mafia ! Can't help thinking DC looks a little puffy in the face these days - tummy too ! Also colouring in the face - hair line receding - low ferritin ? Adrenal Stress maybe ? What goes around - comes around ? :-)

  • GP's are certainly not what they used to be. When I was young your doctor knew who you were and all the family. If you needed them to come to your house they would - day or night. Now they get paid a fortune, but can't be bothered to do more than they absolutely have to. Our local practice has about six doctors, so why can't they cover nights and weekends on a rota basis?

  • Hi All, all your replies are spot on, I have been having the same battles and I am so very tired of not being listened to and now just fobbed off with different types of pain medication, if we try and fight for some help, the shutters come down and uou het wven less help. I am not however as articulate as most of you, but if I cld sign a petition or do anything else to help getting us heard I wld def be up for it, how else will anything change x

  • Gp's like other NHS practitioners are accountable. The PCT is responsible to ensure that patients are not subjected to what appears to be malpractice, evidently experienced by several people replying to this post - and it's bloody outrageous. First of all, you can contact the Independent Complaints Advocacy Service, ICAS, - a free service delivered throughout the country by several 'host' services, such as the CAB, a company called EmPower (maybe not quite the right spelling) and so on.

    This service is specifically for people with complaints against any individual, practice or Trust within the NHS. The advocate will make a complaint through the appropriate channels using all the information you give them - which takes a huge burden away just from formulating the complaint, when you're not to well. The advocate will either accompany you and/or then speak on your behalf, and if you want to - or get no satisfaction from the individual practitioner/practice/Trust - will take it all the way to the Healthcare Ombudsman. Their decision is not enforceable by law, but it is in the best interest of the practitioner etc to comply.

    If you are making a complaint through ICAS, they will have to withdraw their support the moment you seek legal redress. This does not mean you can't seek legal advice, and formulate a complaint - just keep schtum about it until all the NHS complaints routes have been exhausted. In all probability you could find yourself satisfied by the Ombudsman's finding, if you choose to take it that far.

    The complaints procedure is laborious and it's good to have an advocate - it takes an enormous amount of heat out of the situation as well as having the advantage of being progressed through all the appropriate channels - so you have a tight case.

    It's shameful you have had to suffer like this. From what you have written you have a clear case of malpractice - and can evidence it through all the letters. I do strongly suggest you get help - this is a very difficult process without backup, and I've found that once an advocate is involved and a formal complaint proceeding has been started, practitioners are a little more attentive and a little less slack.

    I do wish you all the best.

  • Sorry but i disagree. The PCT told me categorically they do NOT investigate complaints against GPs. They only buy in the service; they are not responsible for performance.

    The Ombudsman is useless. I provided evidence of GP failures and i mean detailed evidence of missed diagnoses; failure to maintain adequate records; denial of specialist referrals - when finally referred urgently by another practice i need surgery within weeks, etc etc

    ThE Ombudsman's reply? If i had stayed with the (negligent)GP practice, they may eventually have given me the care i needed.

  • I am amazed and horrified. I used to be an ICAS advocate - mind you, that was back in 2005, so obviously things have changed. I suppose we plebs have reverted to being just cannon fodder under this government. disgusting.

  • It would be interesting to know how much money and resource these complaint bodies divert from the NHS' ability to deliver first class care. The proportion of their workload that relates to complaints against GPs would also be telling. I suspect that under scrutiny, what would emerge would be a pattern of sub-optimal care from GP practices, followed by an ineffectual bureaucracy for complaints handling. This is all paid for by the taxpayer. When will politicians implement one of their much hailed 'efficiency drives' in the NHS to eradicate this?

  • ICAS used to be funded directly from government, not from any NHS budget, which was why they could be called independent. Heaven knows what has happened to the service now. I think that the selling-off of the NHS piecemeal is what we are seeing, so that we get a similar two-or-more tier healthcare according to ability to pay, as in America.

  • I'm sure you're absolutely right about this.

    Send this to the Minister of Health, Jane Ellison (https://www.gov.uk/government/people/jane-ellison), via your MP. Name of MP can be fouind here : theyworkforyou.com/?keyword...

    Make noise publicly.

  • Count me in -

    Just saw my physio and out of courtesy gave him a copy of the letter my specialist sent me (when I called her and told her docs had not sent me any info from her, she sent it directly to me) The specialist had told the doctor in the letter I needed additional services from my physio - My physio thanked me for the letter as he had heard nothing from my docs since the beginning of December, and he had been writing to them asking fro updates himself.

    I advised specilist that docs had refused to give methe meds she had reccomended for my pain, she said there was nothing she could do - she is not allowed to give me a prescription - I have to get it from my docs.

    Same old same old.

  • does anyone know if there is a European jurisdiction in such a complaint as bluedaffodils?

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