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Hi- have finally been diagnosed with this after a lip biopsy, but whereas I feel as though my bones are hurting, the consultant says the pains are muscular. I cannot even rest one leg on top of the other in bed without the feeling that my bones are being bent, and it is the same with my arms. I do have osteoporosis, and have just started calcium and D3 tablets.

Any advice or hints would be welcome.

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Issipy, you'll find some info in these threads healthunlocked.com/search/s... and if you click on My Communities > Browse Communities you'll find a HU site specifically for Sjogrens.


Hi My specialist would disagree! Check your vit D and calcium levels.



Read about Fibromyalgia on google and you will find most of your Thyroid related symptoms on there. Muscular pains arms legs and severe joint pains all go hand in hand with Thyroid problems but can be treated successfully when diagnosed correctly and you should soon be back on form.

I wish you good luck


Thanks to all for your replies. Calcium and Vit d are already being treated, but I'm going to ask my GP about Fibromyalgia when I go next week. Thanks again.


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