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Word on the street is that my nhs gp practice is rubbish

Not that I didn't know it. Was at Guy's Hospital London yesterday and the clinic receptionist said "Still at XXXXXX GP practice?"

I said "Unfortunately".

She said "That's the second time this afternoon some one has said that about the practice"

It is truly a shame that we cannot name and shame rubbish GPs and practices as it would save others alot of heartache

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My practice dismissed my hypothroidism as stress/early menopause/alcoholism (I think that they'd just been on a course for the last one!) I moved practice in June 2013 and was diagnosed at my first visit to my new practice.

I asked friends and locals about the practice they were at; moved to the practice recommended by the most difficult person I know. So far it's been fantastic after the initial 2 months wait for the idiots at the last practice to transfer my records....

Vote with your feet!


Lucky you - I moved several times and each as been rubbisher (new word) than the last. So as not to make the same mistake, I wrote all practices in catchment area and asked a series of questions (ie will you prescribe ndt, will you prescribe 1 amp per month for my p anaemia, etc). Most failed to respond and the ones that did said no.

So i am stuck


I changed about 6 weeks ago and so far, so good. While talking to a pharmacist in a well-known Chemists, she said that the practice I had gone too had always had a good name. So glad I moved.


I spoke to pharmacists as part of my research. They said all the good GPs at local practices had retired and the new ones did not have the interest, neither the skill nor ethics.


Hello, you can rate your own surgery and they should respond too to correct any ill treatments/concerns.


Another measure of GP performance is the percentage of patients who move from that practice without changing address. This data is analysed within the NHS (London any way) but I'm not sure where it is published.


That's interesting to know. There are only two doctors' practices in the village where I live. The two good doctors at our practice have now retired - the rest are rubbish. So I asked at the other doctors' surgery to see if they would take me on. "No" they said, "we won't take on anyone who's already registered with XXXX Surgery". So it seems they have some kind of informal "agreement" not to take on the other surgery's dissatisfied patients. The only way I could get a new doctor would be if we moved! :-<


:/ I've been looking into changing too, but have asked around various positions within the NHS HOW do I know which one will admit they DON'T know much about Thyroid i.e. who is competent? and they don't know!!


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