Lupus ? And kidneys bloods

Lupus ? And kidneys bloods

Hi I have hashimotos and was told had lupus antibodies 17 yrs ago then told they gone along with aps pregnancy related and I have one kidney working at 27 per cent and other is very large beginning of year with the 27per kidney beginning told anyway just had loads if bloods and vits for my hashis but these have come back abnormal looked online and 2 of them can be lupus linked advice please from them in the no xx got kidney doc tommorow don't want to be fobbed off . X

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  • Hi notice your mention of APS. There is a forum on this platform for Hughes Syndrome/APS. The antibodies for APS do not go away, they just sometimes do not show up in tests. It is crucial that you have a rheumatologist looking after you with working knowledge of Hughes?APS, there is a list of those in the UK on the charity website: For Hughes Syndrome Foundation. Stay on this forum for your Thyroid needs, but join Hughes Syndrome Foundation and also Lupus UK if you have not done so. MaryFx

  • Thank you Mary will do

  • Hí Sorry I cannot read the bloods.However, renal function it is mostly the GFR or eGFR which matters.below 40 is ok it should ideally be above 60 .Mine is 20 that is renal failure. The other U`s and E`s will be out but can be quite a way out. There is thought to be a connection to thyroid but only loosely and makes no difference to treatment. I also have Sjrogrens.


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