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Can Thyroid-S ( or any thyroid med) be taken together with prebiotics/probiotics?

Thyroid-s or others have to be taken on empty stomach so as prebiotics. Now I take thyroid med first, then wait for 1 hr and take prebiotics, then I have to wait again 1 hr for the breakfast, practically its rather difficult to stick to if you work and have a busy life. Therefore, my question ....if someone could advise please, many thanks

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Helen, when I take a probiotic capsule, I do it in the afternoon when lunch has gone down. What prebiotic are you taking?

Most of the probiotic capsule bottle labels say things like take three times per day. When I'm in the mood, I take 2. The only one I've ever taken that has made any difference at all has been AOR Probiotic 3.


I take Dr Ohhira's probiotics ( professional formula), to be taken twice a day 1 hour before or 1 1/2 hrs after meal but ve read its actually a prebiotic but taking together with Primal Defence probiotics ( also taking on empty stomach) could greatly improve immunity.


Yes you can. NDT is not like synthetics. You can take your probiotics with your Thyroid S. That is what I do when I take WP Thyroid. I take my night dose together with 2 probiotics and selenium.


Hi Peacefullbliss, thank you very much, its a relief !!


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