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hypothyroid in pregnancy

i now believe i was hashimotos thyroid whilst expecting, i had my daughter 9 years ago and she was found to have Autism at 19 months old after 2 years of tests on her hearing speech etc. Autism is linked with hypothyroid mother as well as miscarriage etc. she is 9 now and I wonder if i had had it discovered before and treated whether, she would have not had problems. she is moderately autistic and attends normal school with 1:1, its her speech and social skills that are so behind her peers, she is really bright in other areas as well. anyone else feel the same?

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I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. Low Thyroid is linked to so many things including the foetus as you have said. Could it be that your daughter is suffering with Low Iron - VitD - B12 - Folate - Ferritin ? I have read how low vitals can be a problem for autistic children. It may just help her general health when they are optimal.

Have you read the book by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride - Gut and Psychology Syndrome ? She has an Autistic son and writes about her journey. Often referred to as GAPS.... a way of eating.

My daughter has suffered with her thyroid - she had thyroid cancer - I too ponder the possibility of passing certain traits/weaknesses onto her as I am certain I had Hashimotos for too many years before which time she was 37.

We only do the best we can with the knowledge we acquire along the way - so learning and reading is important....

Wishing you both well....


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