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Adrenal/melotonin saliva test

So I have had my next set of bloods done and waiting on results (TFTs/FT3/Vit D/ B12 etc). The next step is adrenal/ melotonin. Problem is I don't go to bed til 2 am and wake up at 10.30 am ish. So what does that mean in terms of results and so on. In fact I have to take my melatonin test between 2.30 am and 3.30 am. It says on day of test get up between 6am and 9am, but would this alter the authenticity of the test?

Any ideas?


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Are you doing a Genova Diagnostics adrenal stress profile? If you are, why don't you phone them and ask their advice? They might not be helpful. But on the other hand they might be. :)


I'm the same with my sleeping habits. BTW it's very bad for the adrenals to go to bed so late. I've been trying to alter this but it's tough. I lost my job because I wasn't diagnosed, and since then my sleeping habits have changed for the worse.

Anyway, to answer your question, Genova told me to stick to my regular sleeping pattern, otherwise the test result won't be correct. I had the adrenal test only.


Cool, thanks. I was on a course a while back getting up at 7 bed at 12 etc but since finishing the course got into bad habits! Anyway thanks for that. I'll have to call them about the melatonin.


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