But it's not cake!!

OK I know in the greater scheme of things I am lucky. I didn't develop Hashimoto's until I was in my later 50's and therefore didn't have to watch what I ate up until fairly recently. I always had a love/hate relationship with all things flour but it only affected me occasionally - when I worked in London and used to wear loose trousers because I knew that after lunch (a sandwich from the local sandwich shop - yummy) I would often look 8 months pregnant by 4 o'clock. Very useful things files, I had to hold one in front of me when walking round the office in case anyone asked when the baby was due. Still, I didn't make any connection and merrily chomped my way through all things gluten. In my 50's I found I was affected more frequently and that I was often in pain after eating ( the doctor told me I had a nervous stomach) but still didn't make the connection. Now, at 58 and hypothyroid I am older and wiser - no gluten for me. So I am lucky really, it's just - I was feeling hungry just now so I stood in front of the cupboard and looked for something to eat - hmmmm, what to have? I could have some Pistachios or some raisins but they're not cake. I bought lots of prawns this morning so I could make a fish pie, I love them and could go and eat some prawns but they're not cake. I have some plums and some pears from the garden but they're not....... It is sadly ironic that I am now able to eat without worrying about my weight (I have lost a lot due to not eating gluten) for the first time since my twenties and yet I can't eat what I really want 'cos it will make me ill. Sausage rolls, cheese rolls, donuts, chocolate biscuits and, more than anything, egg and bacon in a baguette. I would like to fatten up a bit (it's true what they say, at a certain age you have to chose between having a figure or looking younger - mother nature has chosen for me and facially I have aged 10 years in less than 1 year although on the plus side, I have discovered my hips) so I should be able to eat loads of sweets but will probably go and have an apple instead. But it's not cake.

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  • Loobs, Boiled satsumas and ground almonds make a lovely cake. I don't have the recipe but it may have been Delia's.

  • Thanks Clutter - I was really having a moan at the fact I can't just eat something convenient. I couldn't have fish and chips from the local chippy or have a pizza delivered (stupid really, I haven't had a take away pizza for years and have fish and chips just about once every 3 years) I guess it's the fact that I couldn't if I wanted to!! I do cook all my food from scratch but that doesn't make me good at it!! I made my fish pie but because I have given up dairy (again) to help subdue my RA , I had to use almond milk in the pie - have you any idea how sweet almond milk is even without added sugar?? Dinner tonight will be interesting!!! x x

  • Loobs, cornbread is good. You can adjust the sweetness. It's not wheat, not gluten, but it is satisfying for when a craving hits. You can freeze the extra. Warm up a piece when going bonkers. LOL! I used to make it with maple syrup. These days I buy sweet pineapples. I chunk them up, put them in a container in the refrigerator and eat a few pieces now and then. They keep for a week.

    I made cassava pone (only added the small tin of condensed milk and not the even more sugar). That turned out quite good, had 'chew' and did not go stale even after a few days. I don't know if you can buy it at an ethnic supermarket, but it needs frozen grated cassava and frozen grated coconut. A small piece goes a long way.

  • Oooh I love cornbread - I had forgotten that, I make something once or twice then it seems to go out of my memory - perhaps I should start writing a list of recipes. I will look at buying cassava when back in the UK - currently in rural France so I not likely to be available round here - thanks.

  • Looby, Check out the cake recipe, it's simple and you can keep some moist in foil wrap and freeze some.

  • Hi Clutter - I have just found a recipe like you describe by Nigella - I will use oranges though (recipe says that's OK) and will let you know how it goes.

  • Loobs, I tried half lemons and half satsumas but it wasn't as nice. Nigella is queen of puddings :)

  • Well, Pizza Express do gluten free pizzas. I don't know what the flour is composed of. Probably starch and glue. They're a few yds away and I have (when I locked myself in and couldn't find my keys) rang and asked them to deliver a pizza. And they did.

  • Thanks for that - I have also seen a recipe for making pizza base with potatoes, I must hunt that one out.

  • My husband and son have to be gluten free and they like chocolate rice cakes (Snack a Jacks, I think) spread with Nutella with squirty cream! Sadly you won't keep those hips though if you go down that road! Clemmie

  • I love s & j's chocolate rice cakes and used to eat loads. One day I found I had been 'glutened' and couldn't work out how and concluded it might have been the rice cakes. I contacted the manufacturer and sure enough, all their other rice cakes are gluten free except that type. I ate it for ages without a problem and it may well be that it wasn't them that made me ill but I find I am actually becoming scared of food (if you see what I mean). If I feel really gripey one day, I tend to 'give up' anything I had the day before because I know something in one of the foods made me ill and I often cannot work out which it was (hence the weight loss). I am learning to eat only natural food but just sometimes I do crave rubbish!!

  • Typical! You find something that's alright and then they change the ingredients! It's so frustrating. Clemmie

  • Well if it doesn't make them ill it may be OK. It is just that when I asked the manufacturer the question about the chocolate rice cakes containing gluten, they sent me a list of their rice cakes which don't and the choc ones weren't on it. I queried it and was told it wasn't classed as gluten free and yet I had been eating it a while and still couldn't swear that they were what made me ill.

  • I know how you feel, wanting something to chomp on. I buy Doves farm GF biscuits and use Glebe farm GF scone mix. I can't eat eggs so use 2 mashed bananas with the scone pack. Rice milk isn't too sweet and less sweet than almond milk. Hubby has decided he is off normal bread and he went out and bought a bread maker and is now very good at making GF bread using GF flour, yeast and ground chia seeds. It makes quite a light bread with a nice crust, far better than anything off the supermarket shelves and also has plenty of fibre thanks to the chia. Not only do we have to find out how to treat our illness but also how to make our own food!

  • I have heard a lot about Chia seeds so will have to get some and try making the bread - thanks.

  • Loobs, when entirely desperate, make rice crispy squares. I don't know if you have marshmallows in England, but it's only Rice crispies (no gluten), butter and marshmallows. Melt the butter and (the stupid) marshmallows, then mix cups and cups of rice crispies into it. Spread on a waxed paper or whatever and let cool. Then slice.

    Cheerios made from 100% oats are also a good alternative when looking for a carb 'fix'. Again, I don't know what's available on the other side of the pond, but all sorts of rubbish like ''Honey nut cheerios" and junkfood like that is satisfying to the sweet tooth.

    I think there are scone recipes that are only oats. (I was looking for one a while ago and found it. But never made any.) There's probably a way to make oatmeal cookies without wheat flour too.

    I guess a person could make rice crispy squares using melted chocolate as well. Add some raisins. Currants. Dried cranberries, dried blueberries. Whatever. Use the imagination and whatever you can find.

  • Hi Gabkad - that is interesting, I didn't realise that Rice Krispies were gluten free?? Unfortunately I have a severe reaction to oats (even gluten free ones) so they are off the menu for me. I can make cakes and things, it's just the craving for quick and easy fixes that occasionally grabs me - rubbish food but somehow satisfying - but I know it is no good for me anyway so must stop moaning x

  • Loobs, the website for Kellogg's UK says there's gluten free rice crispies with no barley malt in the UK. Just read the label. I just don't know if you guys have marshmallows.

  • Thanks - I am currently in France for next 5 weeks but have friends coming over so will ask them to get me some, cos the French ones do have barley malt in x

  • Loobs, my husband and son can't tolerate oats either. And sometimes you will find that Rice Krispies contain malt which is made from barley (therefore, oats) so be careful there. Of course you can find similar cereals without malt so the Rice Krispie squares would be a good idea. Clemmie

  • Of course you can have good cake...gluten free. Make all sorts of goodies...(Am coeliac..and diabetic so I really shouldnt...) What do you fancy making??

    Victoria sandwich? Caribbean Coconut cake? Play in the naughty corner with profiteroles? Have a selection of recipes...just email me at work....janet@wellfoods.co.uk

  • Warburton's make gluten free wraps (in big Sainsbury free fron section) which you can freeze, you can make thin but delicious pizzas from them in 8 mins with cheese, olives, tomato spread, whatever, or slap Nutella all over and heat for a few seconds in the microwave as an instant pancake. Transformed our lives. More and more cafes have gluten free now - Carluccios is good, and Leon. I manage to be fat and gluten free really easily.

  • Hi Loobs - Just devoured the last piece of a yummy banana-coconut-walnut G-free loaf I made on Monday. No recipe but three dark brown bananas had to be used so they went in with a couple of eggs, a squirt of maple syrup, another of vanilla, a cup of almond meal, a handful of mashed up walnuts, a cup of coconut flakes. Poured on to parchment paper in a loaf pan and, voila, 35 minutes later it was resting and stirring childhood memories of Mum covered in flour creating heaven in a bowl.

  • Right, going to try this now but as there are no measurements I cannot guarantee it will look any good (in fact no guarantee it will be edible). Thanks x

  • I looked at Rice Krispies and they're mostly NOT gluten free! They contain Barley Malt Extract or something, anyway allergy advice says not gluten free. Some of the cheaper supermarket brands don't contain these things, so you need to check!

    As far as snacks go, Macaroons!!! Yummy!

  • Now I never thought of macaroons - what a good idea. I have been making meringues but they are a little too sweet (is that possible I hear you ask) but macaroons - food for thought, thank you.

  • When I was first diagnosed many years ago Rice Krispies+ Cornflakes contained no gluten. I think they now add barley malt for flavour because they have had to cut down on sugar!

  • I must admit that I eat Rice Krispies with no ill effect but of course that doesn't mean it isn't affecting my antibodies!!! There is nothing on the packet to indicate barley malt so I have been having them for breakfast every day this past few weeks but I am having a blood test soon so if my antibodies are up, I may give them a wide berth.

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