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Feeling desperate

Does anybody know how to take Bovine ?? I am so confused as I have been having really angry outbursts some day's, and other's i feel quite calm. When i first started taking this NDT Bovine i felt great but am now feeling slugish again and depressed. I have been taking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and having breakfast 30mins later. Is this the proper way to take it. I cant seem to get any answers as to how this should be taken. Would appreciate any help you could give as a guidline.

Thank you everybody out there, you are all so helpfull.

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t3 has a shorter half life than t4. I take my ndt in a split dose. First when i wake up and next dose around 1pm. I am actually thinking if splitting it into 3 doses.

My ndt is porcine but i don't imagine there would be much difference in bovine. Either way, t3 should always be taken as a split dose throughout the day


Hi Bluedaffodil, thank you for replying so quickly. I was told that you have to take NDT first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Also, Bovine is the whole thyroid from a cow which is a combination of T4 and T3 ?? so confused by this as i dont know anybody who is taking it. I wasn't able to tolerate Porcine which is sad really as i responded so well to this one but it made me very nauseous. Thanks for your reply though it always helps to know that somebody else is interested with your problem.


So is porcine - it contains t1,t2,t3,t4. Bovine just means it is from cows and porcine from pigs.

I would just follow the usual ndt guidelines - which is for a split dose. First dose usually first thing and your next sometime in the pm.

I have never taken mine on an empty stomach and don't believe it has had any adverse effect


As NDT contains T4, taking it with food in your stomach means that the T4 is likely to bind with certain elements in your food such as iron and calcium. You will therefore not get a staple dose of T4.

Quite a few people take their NDT in one dose, either in the morning or at night. It just dépends which method suits you best.

Recovered7, if I were you, I would take it one hour before eating.

Hugs, Grey


Hello recovered7, I am fairly new to NDT so things may change, but to give you another perspective, I take my NDT in a single dose, at bedtime - the reason being that I take anti-hypertensives in the morning, and therefore previously took my combo T3&4 at night to avoid any interference with my thyroid meds.

You don't mention what dose you are taking and your most recent blood results & lab ranges, perhaps you could post them, as feeling sluggish and depressed may be indicative of your dose needing tweaking.


Hi Della

From your earlier posts you say that Australian 'bovine' is a supplement - so that's without actual T4/T3 hormone - called a glandular here in UK, like NutriT - hormones taken out in process - still leaving some good stuff to supplement Thyroid function - only if your thyroid is still producing some hormone to work with that is... whereas NDT contains all.

Can you post you latest Thyroid panel tests (with ranges) for folk to help?

and have you sorted any mineral deficiencies like iron, ferritin, folate & B12 and Vit D? (I believe our Vit D advice is based on the the Aussy sunshine spectrum, a comparison? - amazingly this year we seem to have had some- for one month only - unusual! lol! J :D

anyone not signed the petition yet?


Hi Sparerib,

thankyou so much for your input. I contacted the company i recieve Bovine from, ( Its actually from USA ) and they tell me that its the same as Porcine, ?? and works in the same way which then means its not a supplement as it states on the container? so confusing. I am taking it in tablet form as opposed to capsule. I have just had a blood test done and will receive the results in a couple of day's. I am taking Vit D as my level's were low, but my B12 were within normal range. My Iron levels always come back within normal reference range, but always with low saturation level's. Not sure what this mean's and GP doesn't give an answer. The Bovine i am taking is from, "Nutri- Meds " which at the bottom of container states, " Whole Desiccated Glandular Concentrate" 130mg. Will post my results as soon as I have them. I increased my dose yesterday with an extra 1/4 of a tablet which has helped already, but its a little early to tell if this is my correct dose. I also am not sleeping and unable to work. Thankyou for listening I really appreciate any help i can get. I am originally from the UK and would love to return, so do remember the summer months. I came to Australia with my parent's as a young teenager so had no choice. In my opinion there is no place like home, my beloved England.

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How are you doing on this supplement? I just started taking the same 130mg bovine capsule from Nutri-Meds and still figuring out my dosage.


Hi Smittysfab5, i actually stopped taking this about two years ago as it was not lifting my levels enough, so had to go back on another form of NDT which has also caused many probs so after being of meds for 5 months have now been forced to take Thyroxin which i hate, but, cannot affor to decline any further than i had. Hope Bovine works for you as I had no probs at all with that one,it just wasn't getting my T4 where it should have been. let me know how you go on it xx


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