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Thyroid and Schizoaffective Disorder/Bipolar Disorder


Recently my therapist has told me that my Bipolar Disorder symptoms were linked to my Thyroid. This is because a person cannot be both Schizoaffective and Bipolar. Plus, a year ago it was discovered I had Thyroid problems.

She also mentioned the fact I might have Aspergers or be High Functioning Autistic. I would need an official diagnosis to be sure, but based on symptoms I am.

I wrote out Childhood memories, so my therapist seems to think I am both Autistic and Schizoaffective, and that I have been for a long time. The thing is that I only heard voices during my Mania.

I recently discovered that Thyroid problems can be misdiagnosed as Schizophrenia as well. I was wondering if my therapist is incorrectly labeling me as Schizoaffective.

I had strange thoughts as a child (really into imaginary worlds), but that might be linked to my Autism. While all Schizoaffective symptoms since then have been linked to my Thyroid.

I will not see my psychiatrist until September to talk about this, but I want to be ready to really talk about it. (I only see him for 15 mins)

Is it possible that I am just completely misdiagnosed?

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Welcome Matcha

I am sorry you appear to have problems since your childhood.

Regarding the connection of thyroid gland hormones to bipolar disorder, before blood tests came into effect around the 70's I think, people were diagnosed with thyroid gland dysfunctions on their clinical symptoms alone and medicated.

Since the introduction of the blood tests for the thyroid gland and the diagnosis by the TSH 'range' alone, many people remain undiagnosed even though they have many clinical symptoms. Due to the reliance on the TSH for a diagnosis, nowadays many people remain undiagnosed or with mental health problems. These are two links:-

This is re schizophrenia:-

I hope you find on your research a solution to your problems.

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Thanks, I am trying to figure out what to do with my new knowledge. Right now, I am trying to focus on my Thyroid balancing. I am wondering what my psychiatrist will say about all this, and cannot make decisions until I talk to him. My old psychiatrist moved out of town, so I have no idea what to expect.


Do talk it over with you psychiatrist. The may be more up-to-date that doctors.


I read somewhere that Autism is on the same spectrum as Schizophrenia. In today's Daily Mail there was an interesting article regarding many women being given a Bi-polar diagnosis when in fact the root of their problem is hormonal and should be given oestrogen/progesterone to balance their system. It has been noted that many women feel well when pregnant but fall unwell when not or feel well at certain times of the month and feel unwell at other times, all relating to hormonal levels as they fluctuate. Dr John Studd, a leading Doctor, said far too many women were not given the correct hormonal treatment but prescribed anti-depressants or other serious mental health drugs which were inappropriate. Perhaps this is something you could look into as the thyroid is on the OAT axis, ovaries/adrenals/thyroid.


Thanks, that is a good idea. My period has been irregular, and stops for three months at a time. The first time this happened my primary did a test, and discovered that my hormones were REALLY off balance. So he referred me to another Doctor, but they balanced on their own in the three months I waited to see that Doctor. So I have no idea what was wrong, because this other Doctor was a jerk who told me that I didn't act emotional enough to be on Bipolar medication after talking to me for 15 mins. He was unhelpful and I didn't want to go back... I guess I should figure out what is happening to my periods. They used to be very regular.

Last time my period stopped for three months, I do not even know if my Primary did a hormone check. He acted like it was no big deal. I am going to get a new Primary in Oct. Even though this Primary did catch a lot wrong with me that others didn't, there are a lot of ways he could do better.


Perhaps check out Professor John Studd a specialist. It does sound as though you need to balance your hormones.


Thank you, I have to admit that I just found this website through random searching. I am not in the UK, but he looks like a good doctor.

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Hi Matcha

are you thinking differently now? are you able you translate this knowledge to your doctors?

I hope you can and ask for T3 - best wishes J :D x


I finally got the results for my extra labs. I am getting a thyroid scan on Tue. because of the rT3 and T3 problems they showed. I still need to wait until Sept to see my new Psychiatrist. I am going to get a new Primary in Oct. I read a book called, The Hormone Cure. Apparently I have issues with my Adrenaline Glands (according to symptoms).

I do not know what my current Primary Care is going to decide based on the coming scans. Perhaps he will finally refer me to someone.


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