Where is the care?

It's seems a huge shame that thyroid suffers are relegated to having to sort out medication and help themselves. I know a lot is for us to do-diet, fitness etc. but the medical side is seriously lacking. I cannot find an endo in our area (South Wales) who specialises in thyroid problems. The consultant I saw re my thyroid just looked at me, felt my throat and said you are fine. Did not ask or want to know any more details. Total failure. It's like going back to the dark ages. We used to have a health service we could be proud of.

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Crwbin, it has become obvious to me over the past while reading this forum and various blogs that treatment of thyroid is gender biased.

I know a young man who went to his doctor late last year complaining of typical hypo symptoms. Boom! He is taking 150 mcg T4. Feels great. He was even given clear instructions about taking it on an empty stomach and not eating or drinking anything for an hour afterwards.

Who gets that if female? NOBODY!

I do agree, GP's are so obsessed with test results and never treat the whole person or even listen to their symptoms. I recently visited the Dr and just felt guilty for being there. I had typed all my symptoms out for him to quickly peruse but he would not even glance at them. I have never been referred to an endo., I don't think they exist where I live! After reading so many negative posts on here, I don't feel I have missed out!

Funnily enough gabkad, I recently worked with a man (50's) who went to the Dr saying he felt much more tired than usual and was immediately put on Thyroxine with excellent advice on when to take etc! I was diagnosed 20 years ago (after over ten years of ill heath and struggle) and have never been advised on that. I do think GP's listen to men more attentively and take them more seriously (but this is only anecdotal of course).

When I was a little girl, we always saw the same GP, he knew the whole family history and had to rely on a diagnosis by talking and listening to the patient, not by staring at a computer screen. My mother trusted him absolutely and I wish he was still my GP, he was amazing.

That's so sad that not even your GP will help. I must admit I have a lady doctor who I have found in my practice who is really lovely and tries to be helpful with my problems ( I am on Walferin, statins and have urinary problems, GORD and diverticulitis - which I am recovering from another bout). She will not prescribe armour or NDT hence trying to get help from the Endo. Can you not see if another doctor in your practice will be more helpful? Keep your chin up?


Gabkad, I think a lot of men on here would disagree with you.

Hugs, Grey

Yep! :)

Hi Crwbin, I'm afraid it is just a business now with profits in mind. We have to change our own attitude toward it I'm afraid and lower expectations. But don't waste time fretting over it because many have found a way out, anyway, and the nice thing with hypothyroid conditions is that the feedback your body gives you is better than any blood test.

I think you will find all you need to know here so don't let your health deteriorate.

Of course, if you think you have something more serious going on (not that Hashimoto's isn't serious) you have to insist on more testing.

Thanks everyone. I feel a little more optimistic at the moment as after some investigation have managed to find a thyroid Endo in West Wales...yay. I have just booked myself to see him next week. So if he helps I will let Louise know so she can update the Endo list.

Meant to say, have to go private to see this guy...but hey, anything to get myself sorted.

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