Let public services, including NHS, hear your voice

Which? magazine have set up a new campaign "Make Complaints Count" to ensure our voices are heard. Sign the petition and share your experience at which.co.uk/publicservices 34% of those who had a complaint about NHS didn't know how to complain. Half of those who did complain felt that they were ignored! Here is your chance!

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  • That's because no one body, org or dept is accountable for nhs failures

  • Thanks for this crimple now for some constructive observation writing!

  • signed , and passed on my personal comment[s] , ......but I will wait for the cup of tea from the chocolate teapot before anything actually changes ..... --- just my own experiences --- .....alan xx

  • I know, but we can only try and keep trying and like me be very trying and challenging. I've decided my mission in life is to get a better deal for those who suffer from thyroid issues and I will keep banging on until there is some change. We have to explore every avenue. I am pleased to say that one of the GP's, make that 2 and a practice nurse are at least not dismissing me, but willing to listen and to some extent go along with my requests so far.

  • I have had many reasons to complain about my care at the hands of the NHS over the years. I really, really, REALLY want to complain about someone (a consultant, not thyroid-related) I saw in 2012 at my local hospital. But if I complain, then the complaint will be on my hospital records for ever. I strongly believe 100% this could make staff more hostile to me if I ever need my local hospital's services again in the future, which at my age with a dodgy heart, is almost a certainty. I already feel I suffer from medical staff not believing a word I say, and not caring a hoot about my well-being anyway. Adding hostility to the mix is just something I don't even want to think about. The only thing I can (and will) do is refuse to see the same consultant again, and where non-emergency care is needed I will even avoid the hospital itself if I can possibly manage it.

  • humanbean, i highly recommend posting an online review naming this individual. There are a number of websites where you can do this anonymously such as ripoffreport.org and complaintsboard. I have and it was most satisfying.

  • I have signed it. Apart from horror stories of the past only mentioned the present. 18 months ago had left cataract done. Post op my colour perception has changed. Asked moor field RD Dept for help they needed referral. Eventually got my answer from a prof. from USA. I was never counselled about this also saw the surgeon who for 2 mins before the operation.

  • Thank You for posting, I have signed and left a comment.

  • There are about 12K signatures so far. I am going to ask friends and family to join in

  • Oh dear, I seem to have screwed up my reply. Thought it was going to take me to another part where I could go into detail so only made a very brief comment. Guess there's nothing I can do now.

  • I would go in again, there are so many different public services to comment on, health, elderly care, dentists, social services etc etc.

  • Thank you, I have put my views on there.

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