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Any Ideas??

Well guys....For some time now I've been getting these painful fluid filled, jelly like lumps under my skin.

How I know there there is because I fill like this deep bruised like pain and then when i feel the area I can feel these rubbery, fluid that moves under the skin. I have had them around both hips, inner thighs, knees, ankles, flat of arm not near a joint and under my left rib cage.

I haven't spoken to the Dr about this yet. Do you think it's a form of Bursitis. If I take anti inflammatorys it helps but after a week or so its back and comes up in different areas.

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I think that bursa is a kind of sac filled with fluid around joints like hips and the like to help keep the joints moving smoothly. But not 100% sure. When it get infected or inflamed it then gets called bursitis and is really painful


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