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I think my cortisol is highest at night. How can I change its cycle?

I feel really awake at bedtime but awful in the mornings. I've taking my T3 at 4am ish in the hope of stimulating my adrenals to produce more early on but it doesn't seem to be working. I've stopped taking Nutri Adrenal because it didn't seem to be agreeing with me and now I'm not sure what to do next. Does anyone have any ideas please?

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its blood sugar imbalance!!! when you have it .....hypoglicemia makes your adrenals work to extract glucose from muscles...and you get up during night at 2-3 am....thats a sign..also i noticed when my thyroid homrons not doing well i get those blood sugar issues and my sleep is just not so good! and i can not go to sleep properly although i feel exhausted!

basically you are living on adrenals!! and this makes you irritable and...unrest so you feel awake in the evening or have hard time sleeping and mornings half day like a wreck :) this is how i lived for years!!!

:).....things improved on good thyroid hormons level

atm i feel like you, and this was always happening around PMS...i know that feeling very well now...and its so connected to metabolism, blood sugar balance, thyroid...and who knows what else

doing sport but wisely helps regulate those sugar issues! but must be in sync with your metabolic rate..if you are metabolising poorly you must not do vigorous exercise for longer then 20 mins or even less....


mstp, you have adrenal fatigue. And the last thing you want to do is stimulate them! That will make them worse. What they need is rest.

Their busiest time is the morning, when you get up and need the cortisol to get you going. Being hypo and untreated - and this is bound to happen because your thyroid starts flagging long before you have the symptoms that drive you to the doctors - so when you're short of thyroid hormone, the adrenals take up the slack and support the body while it is lacking thyroid hormones. This wears them out. In the end, they struggle all day to produce a bit of cortisol and only succeed in the evening, when you really don't want it because you want to sleep.

So what they need is a little time to rest and recover. And they can recover very well if they are given the time to heal. How to do this? Well, I can only tell you what I did. I took Hydrocortisone. Now, this is highly contraversial. A lot of people think it is dangerous. I think it is only dangerous if it is done the wrong way. And in my opinion, most people do it the wrong way. I would suggest you do some reading about it and make up your own mind.

Apart from that, the adrenals need lots of vit C and salt. This is no time to go on a salt free diet! lol I don't know about the Nutri Adrenal, I have never tried it. But if it's anything like the Nutri thyroid, I don't want to! That made me feel bad.

If you would like any further information on this, pm me.

Hugs, Grey


Hi Grey, was really interested to read your reply.I am a night owl my usual dropping to sleep time is around 1 am.However for over a year this sleep time had moved on till 3/4 am no chance of sleep before then I am wide awake! Now in the mornings I could sleep in till noon but I set my alarm for 8 so I average 4 hours sleep.Now its what you said about salt that made me sit up. As I have had severe edema for couple of years and after stopping any meds that causes fluid retention and trying water tablets with no success I decided to cut down on salt.All my life I have craved salt people always amazed by how much I add to food.Years ago I usef to carry a little bag of salt and dip into it! As I got older I tried to br sensible and use low salt.About a year aho I stopped that too so my salt intake is now what I suppose is considered normal.I dont add to food or use in cooking.This ties in with the same time as I couldn't sleep till 3 am and felt terrible in mornings.Makes you wonder? The edema is still severe.i sweat excessively(always my excuse for needing salt) and still cant sleep at a reasonable time.I assumef I had developed a delayed sleep pattern due to years of restless legs and insomnia caused by Graves hyperthyroidism. At the moment I am on block and replace therapy for the Graves.Any input, comments most welcome.thankyou


For the restless leg try supplementing with magnesium. That's done wonders for mine. I've recently worked out that I've been deficient in magnesium just about all my life! No Wonder i've felt so bad! So, I'm now going all out to raise my levels and very rarely have restless leg now. I'll look out some links for you.

Yes, the salt craving doesn't surprise me. A lot of people in my family have craved salt and I'm sure they've all been hypo. No diagnosis, though. I had an aunt that kept her salt in a little salt dish on the kitchen table. And every time she went past, she dipped her finger in the salt and sucked it.

But no, not adding salt to food or using it in cooking is NOT normal! Salt has always played an important part in history, and that is why we have expressions such as 'Worth his salt' and 'the salt of the earth', 'below the salt' etc. It's only recently that people have decided that salt is bad for you, with no scientific proof. There has to be a balance between the sodium and the potassium in the body, but there is no natural food on earth that contains this ratio. So, one adds salt to food. Your edema is probably severe because of this imbalance. Cows have salt licks for this reason. I don't know if sheep usually do but we had a sheep that tried to eat our house in her search for salt. In fact, the ancient Romans were paid in salt! Have a look at this :

I'll get back to you on the magnesium.

Hugs, Grey


I just wanted to comment that restless legs is made worse by low iron as well as low magnesium.

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Magnesium :

Ignore the comments about soy milk and a 'healthful' diet, which isn't 'healthful' at all! Soy should only be consumed when it is fermented.

Hope this helps, Grey


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