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ft3 and TSH chart

ft3 and TSH chart

i wanted to share my updated chart with the recent lab test done last week, and it shows correlation between ft3 and TSH, when TSH is falling so is fT3.....and i have the T4/t3 ratio at 6 now, and i think 3.5 is the level where one would feel nice, it was my natural level before i started taking levothyroxin. my fT3 is fluctuating in 3-4.5 range...and i felt the best when it was above 4.5! this was at the beginning when i was on 60 mcg dose! my doc was clearly targeting only TSH, and run me up to 150 now (last 7 dots on the chart

i think ft3 levels are cruical to well being not so much TSH level, this is my experience.......

now i had the lowes ft3 ratios during the summer time....and when i chnaged my diet (gluten free, more fats protein then carbs)....could it be that this is becasue i have too much t4? so its converting to rt3, becasue i read during the summer time you dont need that much hormones as in the winter, and i felt benefits from diet chnage, no PMS , which is really very cool thing ...also when my fT3 is low i teek i have blood sugar issues as well, weird sense of beeing hungry, while i just ate

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nice 'neat' work, however I do not believe there is any correlation between fT3 levels and TSH, both can fluctuate 'wildly'.

Also by looking at your chart there seems to be no correlation...(on your chart your lowest fT3 reading does not coincide with your lowest TSH but with a TSH of 2!)

I think it is only by trying t3 one knows if that's what they need :)


yes i agree with you!! i do think however that if you add t3 to therapy it will decrese TSH the same way you add both can supress TSH.....

since i was ONLY on t4 here, its obvious how my conversion rates gone worse and worse! and my worst feeligns were when my ft3 was on those low points

SO i concluded now.....too much of t4 medicine can even slow down the metabolism in a patient!! by producing more rt3! and less t3....this treatment would soon make me sick!

:) i hope there is long term treatment that can make me feel good, so far i concluded it all good :).......i started taking combined therapy ..and this finally feels like some therapy! i just hope there is no catch 22 :) that things just stop working :)

and i am starting to obsess now how this t4 made me forgettful more then i was!! and made me feel worse then at the beginning....before i was on therapy my ft4 andft3 were in balance! all was just lower..the tretament made it upside down......and i must now teach my doctor to see this....this feels so awful that i know more then he does, i am ready now to take a bit more of t3 dose but i cant....i must persuade him :)

taking 100t4+25 t3 and feeling really ok, but i see room for improvement, am only 3rd day into it :))

i think for me optimal would be 75 mcgt4 35 mcg t3


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