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Hi. I recently had my levo reduced as I was experiencing sinus tachycardia, I have had a 24hr urine test, the reduction in meds appears to have helped, however I am getting rapid heart rate after eating certain foods which I didn't have before, I appear to have some food allergy! Every week or so I am now waking up with palpitations, they eventually go,off, it's like my body is overheating...I thought it could be the menopause, I am nearly 49, I asked the doctor but he just looked at me and ignored my comment!

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Have you ever done an adrenal stress profile saliva test? High cortisol can contribute to the problems you describe. Also, when I treated my low iron my heart issues (including sinus tachycardia) got substantially, but not completely, better. I'm still improving now, although progress has been slow.


Hi thank you, had not had any tests except for 24hr urine, doctor didn't acknowledge

Them when I mentioned them, I will have to try again, hoping you are on the road to recovery.


When I was tested for food intolerance the definitive test was an increase in pulse rate when I ate something I was intolerant to! I was intolerant to wheat. I am now, several years later on a gluten free diet after being diagnosed with very raised TPO anitbodies


Hi, thank you, I have only been getting this intolerance since getting sinus tachycardia which I am sure is levo related, it's almost like my heart is now intolerant in some ways including some foods, can't even have a small alcoholic drink anymore,not a great worry as I only had the odd Rose, but nonetheless a shame, just another side effect of this whole problem which I am still trying to get sorted!


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