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After boosting fatigued adrenals for about 3 weeks, +1 tab each week, how do I know it's now OK to begin thyroid treatment, (Nutri Thyroid)?

I have taken Nutri Adrenal and supplements as instructed but I still had another episode of only sleeping for an hour (4am to 5am) then waking up sweating, anxious and completely wide awake. (my normal waking time is 11-30 or 12 midday) Is this a cortisol surge because the adrenals are still malfunctioning?

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Just wanted to check what time you are taking the nutri adrenal? It's my understanding that both adrenal and adrenal extra have to be taken before 1.00pm as they can otherwise keep you up at night.

Other than that are you in bed by 10-10.30pm to let the adrenals get working correctly?

Hope it helps


Also all vit b's have to be taken before 1.00pm.

Sorry if you already know this.



Sorry to jump in but I did not realise all

B vits needed to be taken before 1.00pm.

I sometimes take mine later.

What is the reason for this.

Thank you browny


B vits after 1.00pm can keep you awake or wake you up at night. I don't know the technicals of it all, just that's the rule.


Thank you


I was told by a Nutritionist that you take vitamins in the mornign to wake you up and minerals at night which help you sleep. Janet.


that's an interesting rule of thumb! I shall try it.


Are you taking any thyroid meds now? Levo? Levo used to leave me tired but wired. I so sympathise! I don't know that you need to be in bed by 10.30 - you sound as if you're a nightowl (like me) if you don't usually get up until late morning. But certainly you will help yourself if you give your body's rhythms every chance, and don't have it fighting against dawn breaking. This is the time of year when this is most awkward for us nightowls, as dawn comes so early. I strive to get to bed by midnight ...

Do let us know whether you're still on Levo, or some sort of NDT, ahead of trying Nutri Thyroid. And could you clarify what you mean by "+1 tab each week" please? I'm being super dumb today: sorry.


Adrenals need rest, and to do this you need to be in bed ready for sleep by 10-10.30pm.


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