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Multinodular goitre found on 2nd FNA. How can they be sure one of the nodules not tested isn't cancerous ?

My 1st FNA came back graded 2 which was fine. My endo said biopsies had been taken from 2 large nodules 2 & 2.5cm but that the procedure would be repeated a few months down the line just to be sure.

I had my 2nd FNA this morning and I'm now slightly concerned as he said I had loads of nodules and it was impossible to stick a needle in them all so he would take from the larger 2 again. He just short of shrugged his shoulders as if to say who knows which didn't really put me at ease. Also I wasn't told this on my 1st test but they must have been there right ? And how can they be sure one of the nodules not tested isn't cancerous ?

Ps I'm currently on 75mg of levo. My last review suggested this was the correct dose. My next review is 7th July.


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Mrs.S, it's incredibly rare for multinodular goiters to be anything other than benign. It's single nodules that are more likely to be cancerous and even then it is rare.


Thank you for your reply. I know I'm probably worrying over nothing but i was just a bit shocked with his who knows attitude. It was almost like ah well we will just sit and wait to see if it happens. Probably being a bit oversensitive but I'm the kind of person who needs a yes or no answer not a maybe having said that my endo is very good so I'll get more info out of her in my review.

Thanks again


Mrs.S, FNA2 is conclusively benign. Watch and wait is a precaution in case something changes but doesn't mean it will. I also like yes/no answers but the answer can only apply to the date of testing and isn't a guarantee for the future. If your status does change you can be sure it will be caught early because of your ongoing monitoring :)


Thank you ! You certainly make things seem clearer :-)


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