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Can anyone give me guidance of what exactly I need testing? I'm going to go private and get everything tested, but im unsure of what that needs to be. As far as I understand I could do the following

TSH level

T4 Levels

T3 Levels

Urine test

Anything else????

It seems even if I do this it could all come back "normal" anyway, yet the symptoms remain.

Below are my symptoms

Constant fatique

Poor concentration

Massive food sensitivity

Always going to the toilet

Back Ache

Lower leg/calf ache




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Personally I wouldn't bother with the urine test.

But I'd recommend, in addition to those above:

Vit B12

Vit D and



If going private I would add thyroid antibodies, reverse t3 and an adrenal stress index test which is a saliva test taken throughout the day.

As LilyMay said B12, Folate, vitamin D, ferritin and also full iron studies. Your doctor should be able to do these ones though.


For thyroid - a blood test :

The above test package includes a reverse T3 test. A cheaper test package is available without the reverse T3 test included.

For adrenals - a saliva test :

For the above tests you need to order the tests, then the kit required and all the necessary instructions and packaging are sent to you. Payment is requested when you return the samples, not before.

A good blood test which includes full blood count, liver and kidney function tests, and several mineral and vitamin levels is : Then click on Comprehensive Plus V Blood Test (on special offer just now) at the top of the column on the right hand side. The B12 test included in this package is not the best or most accurate type. For that you need the Active B12 Test, also offered by the same site, or get it from elsewhere. The tests from this site require attendance at a Spire Hospital to get the blood taken.

Are you taking any supplements? It is a good idea to stop supplementing some things before testing e.g. iron, B vitamins - how long you need to stop for depends on the supplement and the test being done.

With any testing there is always the possibility that everything could come back normal and you end up no further forward. It's a gamble.

Please bear in mind that your doctor might do some of these tests which would save you money (although they won't do the adrenal saliva testing, and thyroid testing is usually just TSH and - occasionally - Free T4).


Make sure your T4 and T3 tests are Free not Total.


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