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Is St Johns wort ok to take with NDT? Feeling quite depressed :(

Feeling somewhat down right now - I think it's just a combo of the Thyroid symptoms (esp the weight gain and hair loss, and obviously the fatigue) and also sick to death of my aching ribs, still not sorted despite numerous doctors visits. Some days I wonder what on earth I'm getting up for - and struggle to get through the day, doing normal daily things.

I'm still waiting for my NDT to kick in (13 days today) and I'm praying that I'll then start to feel better.

Has anybody any advice on how to combat these hopeless feelings in the meantime? I tried St Johns Wort many years ago - I don't know if I used a duff brand, but they didn't seem to do much for me at the time.

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Sorry you are feeling so low. I don't know about St Johns Wort, but I know some people have had good results with 5-HTP together with their thyroid meds.


Yes I'm using 5HTP - when I remember to use it lol!


I would vote for 5-HTP as well. I take a 50mg capsule almost every night (I buy from H&B). I sometimes stop taking it in summer.


St John's Wort can be useful but it isn't totally free of implications, just take it mindfully

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