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Not waking up after a hypo

I found my 59 year old wife this morning with a low blood sugar reading 2.3 . She has had type 1 diabetes for the last some 36 years now .She was snoring her head off like she was in a deep sleep when I tried to wake her up she became agitated and became all rigid like . I wasn't able this time to bring her round with the normal help of lucozade and sweet drinks etc . I rang for the emergency services she was taken to hospital and taken straight through to re sus after some long hours and after bloods being taken urine testing a cT scan and a lumber puncture . Her results came back norma lShe still would not wake up its as she is in a deep sleep . The doctors believe perhaps part of her brain has shut down due to her pro longed hypo it's been nearly 24 hours now since she's been in this condition . Obviously we all want her to wake up

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Hi brookfield

I am very sorry to hear your news and you, of course, are desperately worried. Also, they don't quite know what has occurred so you are in limbo, more or less.

When the hospital said her results are normal, did they mean her thyroid gland blood tests as well (but that doesn't always mean we are on optimum medication)? I am not in the least medically qualified but I would suggest they try giving her some liothyronine (T3).

The NHS normally prescribes levothyroxine alone for hypothyroidism but some people do not convert it properly into enough T3 which each and every cell requires for us to function normally and our brain has the most cells. That's why I would enquire if the Endocrinologist would consider this addition. as that's what our whole body needs to function when we have a thyroid gland dysfunction.

Please let me know how you get on and I wish your wife a swift recovery.


Hope your wife recovers soon brookfield .I can only imagine how concerned you are .


Hi brookfield, so sorry to hear about your wife's collapse. I am just wondering if when you say she has had a hypo, that you mean a diabetic hypo and not hypothyroidism? Could you please explain a little. If she is hypothyroid, do you know what dose and what medication she takes?


Sorry to hear about your wife. Normally with diabetic hypo coma like this it is treated by raising the blood glucose with intravenous glucose or injected glucagon, which presumably they have done. You say that you are used to bringing her round by giving her sweet drinks - it doesn't seem that her diabetes is well controlled. I really hope the hospital are able to bring her round. If so she needs to get her diabetes better controlled. There is some slow-release insulin now that might suit her better to stop her falling into a diabetic coma. I have a friend with type1 diabetes who frequently wakes at 3am shaking and has to eat lots of sweet food, then inject more insulin to compensate. It's a terrible blood-sugar roller coaster to be on. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.


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