Violent sickness for 2 minutes

I was hoping it was just a bug I picked up the other day but I'm not sure. I was on the way to the doctors and had been feeling absolutely fine and started my journey fine and then got half way and suddenly felt violently sick and managed to just make it in time to pull over to a safe place and vomited about 5 times only to be absolutely fine after that and was fine for the rest of the day. It's not to do with a fast pulse rate is it?

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  • Abmonster, horrible for you. I can only say that I have had a similar experience, and it was definitely a bug - suddenly felt sick whilst driving on the motorway, managed to pull onto the hardshoulder before spraying vomit over windscreen, dashboard and into my lap. Made for a pleasant drive home. But it was a bug in my case.

  • any chance you are pregnant? otherwise probably a bug, but if problem recurs then seek help. Hope it all settles down for you

  • That happened to me not too long ago and then again, bug I would say, and just today is the first day I have felt almost normal. But deffo something going around. Hope you feel better honey. I am more prone to nausea these years anyway. X x

  • Were you drinking last night? hangovers can cause severe nausea.

  • I too just woke up feeling nauseous. Now very sick . Worried as took vitamins very close together tonight as forgot during day would this make me sick. ? Or have I too got this bug? Feel so poorly need to sleep as tierd but think I may be violently sick again

  • It seems strange that someone would catch a stomach bug at this time of the year. I thought that these things were more or less winter things.

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