Zinc results

My GP asked for my zinc to be tested as a result of my complaint about hair loss etc backed up by being shown my Facebook photo of my hair 3 yrs ago, and seeing how it is now!

I've just phoned for my results ("I can't give you the figures, I can only tell you they are normal as I'm not medically qualified" said the receptionist!!!)

My result is 14.2 numol (range 11.0 - 24.0)

So within range but low end. Does anyone have a view? Should I supplement, and if so, with what? I understand that as I don't eat meat the RDA is up to 50% above that for meat eaters. Is this is something I should bother returning to the GP to discuss or should I assume in range will equate to normal/no action?

Thank you

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Hypnoteq, you will probably need to self supplement. I'm using Asda own brand. You should probably supplement magnesium citrate too, as zinc and mag are co-dependent and are best kept balanced. Biotin is also recommended for hair loss/thinning.

Hope you're feeling better today xx

Thanks for the recommendations Clutter, they're on my shopping list now, for supplementation post-mega blood draws on Monday. Hoping the India lab is gearing itself up to receive my lovely red stuff, and that the PO doesn't lose it on its way initially, to Perth.

I was not really expecting zinc to be the answer to the hair loss/wiriness/tangling/frizziness but it would have been great if it had turned out to be my Holy Grail ;-) Cant fault my GP for checking.

I have been taking it easy today thank you, but keep forgetting to use the crutches ........

If you're having the BH mega panel you better hope results are normal else you'll spend years typing them into a post :-D

ha ha, wonderful Clutter ;-)

Hi Hypnoteq. My zinc levels are lower than yours, just outside range 11.2 (11.5-20.0) but although I have noticed hair loss greater than what I would have called normal, nothing too bad. Perhaps I have been fortunate? I seemed to loose more hair when my B12 was low. As for zinc, pumpkins seeds are a good source and tasty. Need to keep an eye on mineral levels because as one goes down another goes up. I can tell when my zinc levels are low because I am hungry. Zinc needs good levels of vitamin A & D.

Hi shambles. Do you have any other symptoms of low zinc, apart from the hair? And do you supplement apart from food sources? I have always had thick hair, so much so that every new hairdresser would comment on its thickness without fail, so perhaps going from thick to thin was more noticeable. I started going hypo-triggered grey early on so lost condition in the grey bits anyway, but all over now it is harsh and wiry, not to mention the fuzzy curls appearing in front of my ears blaah. But the other thing I have, which I have recently read is often the case, is that it tangles easily, so tangling when it is falling out and brittle anyway means its difficult to brush - have just bought my 16th brush in the hope of getting one that works ........ I read a reply elsewhere from Clutter tonight about BetterYou B12 oral spray and when I ordered one online spotted a Vit D spray, so ordered that too. I'll make a note about Vit A also ;-)

Have you tried a TANGLE TEASER brush? Available from Boots - also Amazon etc.

L'Oreal ELVIVE spray leave in conditioner deals with the fiercest of knots, and tangles....MAGIC. Hope this helps!

Hi Foxglove. Thank you, yes I have two, one for the handbag, and they are very good if you take it nice and easy. I guess I want the impossible, to be able to rush through my hair like "normal" people lol ;-) ;-) but my latest paddle brush is very good too. I use one of those wide toothed shower combs when I've washed my hair and that helps to start things off. I don't know about the magic L,oreal Elvive spray leave-in conditioner at all though, so thank you for the suggestion, and it's now on my ever-growing list for shopping tomorrow .....

hi, wishing you success. And by the way the word MAGIC is my opinion - don't think even the manufacturer would be so bold to make that claim!

I only know when I've been in despair with the tanglies after swimming that the ELVIVE leave -in stopped me (literally) tearing my hair out!

Ha ha, yes, I think trading standards would be onto it ......

I'm so glad it works for you.

The other annoying thing is my partner constantly leans lovingly towards me ..... to pick off another hair on my shoulder. Yet he never mentions the mascara smudge on my face or the crumb on my tooth!

Glad you've got a sense of humour (just let's whisper this next bit...Sadly lacking in SOME of tuk's members) Don't know what age you are, hubby and I in our 70's and if he hubby picked hair of my shoulder I should tell him "He was just jealous"

Love the pic. of little black cat The image of our last cat ,Nicky, who sadly died about 2 years ago

Well you might have the answer there foxglove - less about helping me to look tidy and more about collecting for a toupee (he's 64 and part bald:part shaved !!!!!

Wonderful spellchecker originally created "part-baked" then, but I couldn't possibly comment.

Thank you for noticing Jet Harris sat in the box. He's actually double the weight of his sister Maisie Grey, but as they are Cornish Rex X they are Asian type, sleek. Their mother Coco who is a full C Rex is all bone and legs, plus the Rex perm.

I'm sorry you lost Nicky, they are personalities in their own right, aren't they?

Take care. Hope you've got the sun. :-)

Update foxglove: went to my local supermarket and they didn't have the spray in conditioner, so as mobility is limited at the moment, I bought L'Oreal ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil for coloured hair. I just wanted to let you know that it was fantastic this morning when I washed my hair - no tangles when brushing through! So I shall buy the spray in one when I find it, but meanwhile the oil is lovely and smells delicious!

Thanks for letting me know about the oil Sounds lovely - almost good enough to eat! My hair is on the dry side and very much over coloured (vanity in an oldie like I but we all need our props) So probably suitable. Never used to like L'Oreal, but quite converted recently, their FIBROLOGY range is good too

Can't wait to get my hands on the Extraordinary oil. Isn't that a lovely name almost worth buying it for. Mind you I buy wines sometimes because I like the bottle!!!

Thanks also for telling me about Jet Harris, our Nicky just a run of the mill moggy but beautiful none- the- less

P.S I don't work for L'oreal

I these results are from 2010 before I had my thyroid removed and I was in a high state of hyper. I was trying to understand what was wrong and someone suggest I get a red cell plasma test for magnesium and minerals. I hadn't a clue what was wrong. One of my symptoms was what I named the 'crazies'. One minute fine the next so hungry I was almost shaking. I also had hair coming out by the bagful. I too have thick curly hair. It turns out zinc has something to do with insulin resistance and can affect blood sugar levels, ie low zinc can cause low blood sugar.

The hair, you say early greying, me too. I was about 13 when I first caught sight of a grey hair. My mother said it ran in the family. Turns out she was right but she didn't know why. Your hair is part of your DNA and if you have gene mutation you cannot process folate properly due to poor methylation. This a subject that I do fully not understand yet. Many in the US get a methylation test to see if they have the gene defect because it affects so much. There is a site MTHFR.net to get you started if you are interest. And this mentions hair


Currently, the hair loss is minor the zinc is 16.1 (11.5-20.0) I eat pumkin seeds, take B12 5000mg sublingual thanks to Hampster's advice. Methyl folate 400ug rather than folic acid because it is easier absorbed and possibly better for you. Vit D, C and astaxanthin.

Good luck.

Wow shambles, that's a powerful bunch of info, thank you very much. I shall read and absorb (well, okay, read) over the weekend. :-)

I've had alopecia since I was 11, so my current hair loss associated with hypo is a case of here we go again. I went to see a nutritionist in my early 30s who prescribed large doses (no idea how big, sorry) of zinc and vit B. It made an ENORMOUS difference, with my hair remaining quite thick for 20 years or more until my mother's illness 18 months ago - the associated stress set my alopecia off again (and now as I write this, I wonder if it also had an effect on my thyroid???)

Sorry to hear that RustyMary. Wow, sounds like it really helped you, to supplement as you did. It's perfectly possible that your thyroid took a nosedive too I guess.

There's definitely a link between hair loss and ferritin deficiency. Have you had ferritin checked at all?

Re zinc, a reasonable dose is 15mg a day (though as a non meat eater you might be even better off with 25mg a day).

Thanks LilyMay.

My ferritin was 54 I think, but i discovered today that I've forgotten where I put the folder containing my blood results. Thank heavens I don't suffer from thyroid-induced memory loss .......

So it was in range, low end, and below the 70 often mentioned.

** Update, checked in my posts, and ferritin was 54 (20 - 250)

You should really take a B complex, biotin is B7, and they should all be taken really, to keep the balance :)

Oh my goodness Silver_Fairy, it's unravelling like a ball of wool ...... ;-)

So my B12 spray is on it's way from that long online river, the biotin is waiting in the wings to jump into the postman's sack, and I've got to get the other Bees corralled.

Who ever said having a thyroid wasn't fun????

Zinc levels should be at the upper one third for optimal functioning.

15 mg is RDA, it might help. I took 50 mg for 4 months and then rested. I take 30 mg daily.

Thank you Melanie. I've noted that. I hope you've found it noticeably benefiting you now. :-)

Sorry for the delay in replying as somehow the notifications alerts are note working.

Yes, my zinc levels have improved since I took the 50 mg. New blood results are due next month.

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