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Anybody waited ages for a GP to send a private scan referral?

Following years of on going health problems and a long list of symptoms - too many to list here. I now feel much worse, really bad vision, double vision etc. extremely bad headaches/head pain. Low blood pressure 80/60 in the loo all the time, Diabetes Insipidus has been mentioned before but never properly tested. I consulted an Optician on Saturday and he agreed that I am showing signs of either pituitary or sphenoid sinus problems but from just looking through his machine he could not tell which and that I need to get a scan. As my TSH is high and my cortisol is low, plus the fact that I have had quite a few bangs over the years on the back of my head resulting in me cutting it and concussion, (the most recent been in 2008 when these problems first started) I have come to the conclusion that I may have a problem with my hypothalamus or a pituitary tumour. I suffer with claustrophobia and need to get a Hypothalamus/Pituitary MRI done on the open scanner in Cheltenham, I contacted my GP on Monday and asked for the referral and although I am willing to pay privately for the scan he still has not done it. I have phoned the secretary everyday to chase him up, but all she says is I have asked him to do it, I can't do anymore. I asked to speak to the Practice Manager and she is on holiday until next week. I phoned the MRI clinic today and they confirmed that they have not received the referral and that I could have had a cancellation today but couldn't because my GP had not referred me. My question to you guys is has anybody else been in this position and if so what have you done about it? I am absolutely disgusted, I am not asking for an NHS referral, I am willing to pay for it myself (well my Mother actually) and my arrogant GP is dragging his heels in doing the referral. Any advice would be appreciated please.

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Are you unable to speak directly to your gp?

i can have a telephone consult with my gp any day


Yes I can have a consultation with my GP but I have to book it and I can't have one until next week, which considering I've been waiting all of this week and I only want a private referral seems ridiculous to me. I will ring the secretary yet again tomorrow. Thanks for your reply.


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