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One of Today's excellent ThyroidSummit videos

We wish and hope for doctors like this one.

Two comments:-

This is the best presentation yet! He told my story over and over. I will definitely buy his book. After 45 years of being humiliated by doctors, I finally found a Functional doctor but Medicare and insurance don't pay for any of it including the compounded hormones. It is not a matter of the doctors not accepting the insurance, the insurance won't pay for these doctors. It is very frustrating. It is so refreshing to hear these doctors and to be encouraged to continue to take personal responsibility for my health. Unfortunately, many people just cannot afford to see a doctor like Dr. Hotze. Thank you so much for this summit.

2.HI, They don't cost as much as people think. It is not like Conventional prices and ways. Paying out of pocket may heal the person and then avoid other costs later. Vitamins/good oils are cheap. LDN is cheap. Best wishes.

I loved his phrase polypharmacy for undiagnosed hypothyroidism, i.e. meds to try to remedy your symptoms not the hormones you need.

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I reviewed his book for thyroid Uk last year. I can highly recommend it


Great listen - thank you shaws. Now I really must go and do some chores !!


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