is it normal to sweat lots and feel sick and giddy and weak with hypothyroidism?

I have been on 50mg levothyroxine since24 april, and today I felt the worst I have felt for ages,I shook and was sweating and felt sick and giddy, and no I haven't got flu. This underlying feeling has been with me since i started taking levo but it just built up to its worst today. I feel if i call the doctor they are just going to say, well you have a blood test on Friday, and as i have asked to see a specialist , they seem to think that's a cop out and they don't have to treat me any more, as i told the doctor i was going to the loo every half hour through the night and all she said was well tell the specialist when you get an appointment!!

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  • What were your blood tests showing when you were put on levothyroxine? Which brand of levo are you taking and what dose?

  • hello crimple

    well its actavis levothyroxine 50 mg

    and when put on it tsh level says abnormal.consistaant with primary hypothyroidism 15.26mu/l 0.35-5.00

    then it says serum free t4 level no action,

    then it says full blood action,,

    am none the wiser?



  • It can take about 6 to 8 weeks for thyroid hormone to build up and so this kind of sounds like you might be on too much hormone now. Blood test results would definitely help.

  • hello dellie_42

    im having a blood test on Friday.

    im fed up with this i just wish i knew what made this blessed gland misbehave,,,in the first place.



  • Be interesting to see where your TSH is now as 15.6 is very high. My highest, that I know of was 6.2 and now is below 1 on 100mcg. I asked about the brand because Mercury pharma caused me and many others on here lots of problems. I am on Actavis and it seems to suit me. Hope you soon begin to feel better you will get lots of help on here. Saved me from NHS ignorance!

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