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Is this what hyper feels like?

After a horrendous night where I got no sleep at all I got up before 6 this morning. I had taken my levo approx 4pm as usual (because of the time I take it there is always more than 2 hours lapse before I eat anything/take supplements) but this morning I just got up, showered and made my breakfast. Later I started feeling really weird-shaky, disorientated, nauseous, and felt like my heart was beating rapidly. It's settling down a bit now but I'm just wondering if having my breakfast too early was the cause?

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Sorry you didn't get a response. I've never felt hyper as such so I don't know, but it sounds possible. I know if I get up earlier than usual, I have similar symptoms but I don't know if this is related to having breakfast earlier.

Hopefully someone else will have some experience of this.

Carolyn x


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