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Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common theme on this forum. I have just read the following article and it does seem worth a trial of this shampoo.

an excerpt:-

We don't even carry it in our Online Product Center, and we push it as the staple of every hair loss treatment regimen. You may or may not have been experiencing the infuriating itch, tingling, and even burning and pain in your scalp. Whether or not you can sense it, the reactions going on in your scalp are causing an unacceptable environment for your hair, and this is a major part of why it is falling out. Nizoral shampoo is obtainable in your local grocery store, and it is imperative that you use it once every 3 days, starting today, rotating with any shampoo you like. Allow it to soak for the duration of your shower and reapply, then rinse. Nizoral has the unique ability to calm the scalp, hinder the hormonal processes, reduce the inflammation, and restore your skin to a normal state. This will not only dramatically slow further hair loss, but it will enable your other treatments to actually work. Without it your hair will fall out faster, and your treatments may not do a thing.

It recommends 1% and not 2%.

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Hi Shaws, I'm not enamoured of "center" - an Americanism. Could you change it to "centre", please?

Thank you.


As it is a quote, it seems right to do so accurately and not edit the content as it is pasted.


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