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What success have people had with nutri-adrenals?

Ive heard and read mixed reports and am keen to know whether theyare worth the extra expense. My adrenals arent in a good state; i dont sleep well. When i had them tested the only advice Genova gave was to get more sleep...... so its a viciouscycle as lack of sleep is what has caused my adrenals to need suport and now it is my adrenals which wake me up when my cortisol is high in the early morning.....

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I bought and took Nutri-Adrenals and also Extra but neither agreed with me, mind you neither did the levo.

Dr Skinner was of the opinion that if you were on optimum medication for the thyroid gland the adrenals sorted themselves out. Others, of course, have a different opinion.

I am now well but don't take levo. I am on T3 alone at present but also found Naturethroid (NDT) suits me too.

It is trial and error unfortunately.


Hi Morena, Have just started back on Nutri-Adrenal as came off them for Endo appointment. As he thinks all my blood levels are good and even 'perfect' (I wish) I am back on them because they have really helped me with sleep and a much better feeling of calm. However I could only tolerate one tablet and feel my adrenals are 'almost there' so will try again together with all necessary vitamins and minerals. My cortisol is not high at any time. Magnesium spray has also helped with sleep. Janet.


Did nothing for me


Not sure it would on it's own, but I am at least having Levo. Janet.


They did nothing for me either other than give me horrendous heart palpitations. All stopped when I stopped taking them.


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