Hoping for advice. Have had a dry mouth for about 5 weeks. Wake up in night with tongue "stuck" to roof of mouth. Went to Dr about 2 weeks

ago. She took swab of my tongue, as she said it was a bit furry. Results came back clear. So am seeing her again next week.

I have started taking vits, B12, vit D etc, but only about 3 weeks ago, so don't think that has anything to do with it.

I seem to be licking my lips a lot. They dry to. Also my throat feels funny, as if lump in it and I sound hoarse. Any advice please. Thankyou.

Joan x

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Have you had thyroid function blood tests to rule out thyroid dysfunction and a nodule as you mention a lump in your throat and hoarseness?

I have night time dry mouth probably caused by radioactive iodine therapy which may have impaired my saliva glands. Similar to what you describe plus teeth feel as if grit is stuck to them and tongue and palate feel a bit sore. My thyroid surgeon recommended Bioxtra mouth gel which costs £7.99 and is available OTC. Tastes nice and moistens mouth nicely.

Hi Clutter, I did reply to you, but can't see it so prob pressed wrong button. I had radio active iodine about 8-9 years ago. I was fine on thyroxine untill about the last 2-3 years. Had a lot of blood tests, but don't think I've had thyroid function one. Had some tests private as Dr won't do them. Will mention the lump to her next Wednesday. Will try Bioxtra, thankyou for that .

Joan x

Thyroid function tests ie TSH, FT4? You have them don't you? Get her to palpate your neck because it isn't uncommon for thyroid to grow back after RAI. My dentist checked my tongue, palate and gums today but saw nothing to account for the night time dryness and soreness and also thought Bioxtra would help.

Yes, had all them. Though FT3 & FT4 were the ones I had done privately.All in range. lol.

I had a terribly dry mouth when I was really poorly as I couldn't breathe through my nose. I also snored, something I have never done. And my first report to the doctor was the feeling of a lump in my throat. It's gone now I am treated.

Thanks Harry, I've been on 125 mm throxine for about 6 years, never had this dry mouth before. Daytime is worst, seemto be licking lips all day ! lol

Oh dear! Maybe time for a review to see if you need more?

I asked her the other week if she thought I needed a top -up, usual answer, " you're blood tests are all in range " I hate it when they say that !!

They are all so unimaginative aren't they? You'd think they could come up with a new line!

Could you possibly be developing Sjögren's syndrome?


Hope not, Humanbean. I read the link you sent. Thankyou. Will see what Dr says next week.

Are you taking any calcium tablets? After my booster dose of D3 I now take AdCal and started with a dry mouth so put it down to the calcium though I have to agree with the other comments as well. Anyway just a thought. Its a minefield working out what's doing what isn't it. Hope you solve it soon.

Hi Silverfox, Not taking calcium. I take 1000 iu Vit D3. Didn't have a booster dose as Dr said I was in range, so just 1 of these a day plus B12, selenium. and fish oil.

Hello, i saw your posts here, i'm having similar symptoms, how do you feel after 3 years, did you got better ? Thanks

Hello, Not really. Though sometimes I go weeks without the dryness. I use Glandosane when needed, that does help . Seems to be every night at the moment. I stopped taking thyroxine about 2 years ago, so it wasn't that causing it. Just another thyroid symptom I suppose. Or as Clutter said, could be the radioactive iodine therapy I had.


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