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people with disabilities should support others not disrespect them

I had a post that you have removed from Kirby.

Although I feel on the whole these boards are a very good thing I think that no matter what your disability you should not be disrespected. A disability under the law is something that has a substantial effect for 12 months or more.

As a person with multiple disabilities including Fibro, Diabetes and underactive thyroid please think before you post we are all suffering enough without attacking each other.

Admin I do not feel this should be removed perhaps you should put up a post like this one telling us all to behave

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The administrators do a great job on this well run forum, all unpaid. The information is great, it is difficult if you have a particular label for a disability and then it turns out to be something else. I have five conditions and am glad that through the very well read and educated people with great information on here, that I did indeed find that I had an Underactive Thryoid and did not get the wrong label.

Many members on TUK were fobbed off with being told they had Fibro, and on closer inspection and also very importantly education... found out that this was a Thyroid related issue. Or perhaps they have both. If I had been diagnosed with Fibro and then found a bunch of people who had been down that route and come to a Thyroid diagnosis, I would feel pleased to have the information. We are not in competition with each other

. However moderating and administrating large forums takes skill, time and patience. Remembering the unpaid hours these volunteers put in. I work on a different forum and certainly anybody with ME or Thyroid sounding issues, then I do suggest this forum to them, as they not only appear to understand all the physical symptoms that go with Thyroid and Adrenal issues but also the Psychological traits which at times are prevalent with an untreated Thyroid problem.




We at Thyroid UK want our online community to be a friendly and supportive place to be. However, people do have their own opinions about things and we feel that our online community should not be policed so strongly that people cannot voice their opinions. Doctors are split in their views about what causes certain conditions and therefore patients are often left not knowing what to believe.

Sometimes we feel that some posts need to be removed in order to stop the thread escalating into arguments which are not in keeping with the spirit of the site and where support is not being given.

I hope this addresses your concerns. No further posts will be accepted on this thread.


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