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Test results - hair loss, find bright lights/sunshine harsh

I've been taking 100mcg thyroxine, had occasions of having heart palps and a general feeling of not being 100%.

My hair has been falling out a lot, it also started to feel quite coarse -something I noticed prior to being diagnosed as hypothyroid. I was also aware over the past week with the sun shining more, that I'm overly sensitive to bright lights

I had my bloods taken last week, I remembered to avoid taking my thyroxine before the test. My GP said my TSH was low 0.17 and T4 was high at 22.3.

She's reduced my meds alternating between 100mcg and 75mcg.

I know it will take a few weeks to see an improvement, but should I have a blood test in 2 months and generally how often should I have them?

Also, I experienced hair loss, lethargy pre diagnosis, does anyone have these symptoms along with light sensitivity when over medicated?


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I am sensitive to environmental factors like lighting and smell of detergents , temperature, etc. I think it is associated with adrenal fatigue, which according to the nhs does not exist


If your symptoms are due to over medication you should feel some improvement in a couple of weeks on your reduced dose. Follow up blood tests should be done 6/8 weeks after a change in dose.

I'm looking into something for thinning hair for my sister. She is optimally medicated and seems to think hair loss can be a side effect of Levothyroxine. I'll post when I find something.


Thanks for the Bluedaffodil & Clutter.

If you do find out anything about hair loss, do let me know Clutter


Check your iron isn't low as this can also cause hair loss.

Evening Primrose Oil is highly recommended and a vitamin called Biotin which is available from Amazon.

HuffPost Article on Biotin, scroll down to comments section which are very positive.

Well Woman.com well-women.com/hairloss.html

Mary Shomon thyroid-info.com/articles/h...


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